My 5 Senses  - One of the great things about mindfulness is that you can practice it wherever you are. I love practicing this in different environments, it helps me feel grounded. I've tried the bath (which is so relaxing) my little walks, when I'm eating/cooking, when I travel. Once you get the hang of it, it's quite exciting and it allows your mind to think creatively. Allah has blessed us with 5 senses. 

How much do we really appreciate this? 

Anyone seen Birdbox? Or A Quiet Place? (Both are available on a well-known streaming site). It brings forth what life would be like if we are forced to not use one of our 5 senses. So, what I want you all to do with me, otherwise it will not be exciting, is to concentrate on each sense, on at a time. 

Here we go...  

Name '5' things you can 'See' . . . . . I can see mustard and white chevron cushion, burnt orange curtains, my laptop screen, neighbour's car parked outside, and a large art piece in my living room. . . . . . 

Name '4' things you can 'Feel' . . . . . I can feel my keyboard buttons, my white fluffy cushion, my brown leather recliner and my freshly washed hair. . . . . .

Name '3' things you can 'Hear' . . . . . I can hear birdsong, dog barking, leaves rustling . . . . . 

Name '2' things you can 'Smell'  . . . . . I can smell my sweet-smelling shampoo and bleach! . . . . . 

Name '1' thing you can 'Taste; . . . . . I can taste the pink lady apple I just finished eating. . . . . . 

It's amazing what you notice when you slow down; have you read that book 'The things you can see only when you slow down' by Haemin Sunim? 
As we are spending more and more time in isolation, there is only so much cleaning you can do. So maybe what we all need is to take a deep breath and slow our mind and body and learn to live for the Now!!. that's what mindfulness is all about ....being in the present in the now. 

 Let me know what your 5 senses found. I look forward to it.


  • NazminA


    Ok let's go... 5 things I can see - My laptop screen; my phone; my daughter's toy hammer; my files; my property law & practice book 4 things I can feel - My daughter; the plastic screwdriver she is currently hitting me with; the laptop keys; the pillow I am resting on 3 things I can hear - My daughter demanding chocolate (she isn't getting anyway); Rachel shouting at Ross because he didn't get an annulment (yep I'm watching Friends!); some dog barking in the street 2 things I can smell - Paneer tikka (that I made earlier) and tangerines 1 thing I can taste - Nothing because I'm fasting! Lol but shortly I will be able to taste my paneer tikka! :)

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  • Hadia


    This is such a wonderful exercise, it really helps you to be more present / aware of yourself and your surroundings!

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  • karimofthecrop


    I love this idea!

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  • Zeinab


    The idea of taking some time out to appreciate our surroundings within our hectic schedules helps us feel a lot more aware and grounded. So this is a great idea!! 5 things I can see are; a pair of glasses, a water bottle, some pens, fairy lights and a camera! 4 things I can feel are; my warm hoodie, the cold keys of my laptop, the hair resting on my neck and the watch on my wrist 3 things I can hear are; children laughing outside, the tree branches rustling and the sound of the keys on my laptop (running out of ideas here :p) 2 things I can smell are; the flowery scent of my shampoo and some leftover porridge from breakfast 1 thing I can taste is the minty after taste of my toothpaste! This is a fantastic way to self reflect and take some time our to focus on yourself and your environment! It can be challenging at times but that's what makes it fun :) Would definitely like to see more responses!

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  • Anonymous


    What a thoughtful exercise - will try it with my children!! Thank you for sharing:-)

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  • ZaraS


    I love this! It makes us all so much aware of everything around us. Okay...**5** things I **see** are my reflection, my laptop screen, my diary, my white dreamcatcher and my dry/dead floral arrangement in a vase (which sounds weird out loud XD). **4** things I **feel **are the breeze from the open window, the keyboard under my fingertips, the comforting cotton of my dress and the fluffy rug under my feet. **3** things I **hear **are the cars driving past the window, the birdsong and the wind in the trees. **2** things I **smell** are the olive oil scented lotion on my hands and the scent of candied flowers and petals from a candle. **1** thing I can **taste** is the orange-flavoured chewy sweet still lingering in my mouth. Taking time to actually take in our surroundings and to really think about everything around us is all part of mindfulness. If we don't like what we see, hear, touch, smell or taste, we make changes to better our mindset. In these uncertain times, we have to do what we can to make ourselves feel good and feel better, physically and mentally. I cannot wait to see what everyone else senses!

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    • Shameem


      Iím so glad you did this @ZaraS . I find it so interesting, esp. now that we have less human contact it helps me visualise others experiences. I want more people to do this! it is fun! and if you have done it once, do it again in a different time/space

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