*"After all patience, beautiful things await..."* We don't know how long this lockdown will last but I look forward to when it is lifted and we slowly return to normal. I hold on to that and know that how difficult things are right now, they will be better again one day, insh'allah. I'm looking forward to being with my family again, meeting my best friend in our usual after-work cafe catch-up, travelling, eating out and just being free from the confides of my home (and for an introverted person, that is highly unusual!) What are you all looking forward to?


  • Noor


    I am looking forward to seeing people again! From the neighbours to the lollipop woman on the school run. I miss the sound of local children playing outside, I miss the moms I see outside school every day. I particularly miss eating out and meeting friends! Lockdown really has made me appreciate the value of the communities we live in. The world is such a strange place right now without having human contact, and I cant wait for hugs and kisses from loved ones when it's all over!!!

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  • NazminA


    I miss my Chai Lattes!! :(

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  • Ayesha


    I hear you about seeing friends in person- keeping in touch over the phone is convenient but there's something nice and more fun about being in their company (I'm guessing it also feels more positive that way). Hmmm ... what else?... Shopping at the Bullring, going to the library to read more books, going to the Dolphin Centre to see everyone there, actually enjoying sitting in a restaurant to eat rather than ordering food online once a month, going back to my old college to visit my A-Level teachers to say hello and ask if they're well. Also more job opportunities than in recent months and of course, seeing everyone here at MWN in person again!

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  • Shameem


    When I read your post, I wasnít sure what to write and then I remembered watching something on TV Ė there was a couple having diner in a posh restaurant all dressed up! I realised that I was missing eating out, getting dressed up Ė I havenít worn makeup since Covid-19 (which isnít a bad thing) but I do miss meeting up with friends, going out for dinner with the hubbyÖand I miss my family up north! This is the longest I have ever been to not see them. I try not to think about how long it has been, video calls are a life saver! Iím not sure what I would do without. I miss driving weirdly too!! Itís taken me this long to get use to the lockdown and now I feel quite content with it, lets see how things pan out. As long as we are healthy Alhamdulillah canít ask for more. Iíve also found Ramadan much easier this year, as I am home due to lockdown. Itís a peaceful and reflective time. I think I started off writing about what I am looking forward to and now reminiscing about what I am missingÖ

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