A close friend has broken up with her boyfriend during Covid-19. She's really struggling emotionally- what can she do to deal with this situation? They've been together a really long time.


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    I'm sorry to hear that. Breakups are not great in the best of times so during Covid 19 it can be difficult, especially as you can't just call a friend and meet up and have a good cry and pour your heart out. I guess its a process and its something she may have to accept and feel the pain As a friend you can be her go to person for her to vent at ultimately its something she has to process i think it helps knowing Allah knows best and this is happening for a greater reason than you and I wont know about trust in Allah and that he has better plans for her Inshallah self care is important and taking some time to 'feel' i think as humans we are good at 'what ifs' 'why me' but sometimes we need to allow the emotions to be and sit with the horrible feelings.... sorry if this is not helpful just my thoughts... sending some virtual love x

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    Sorry to hear that your friend is experiencing this in the middle of Covid-19! Be reassured by the fact that sheís reached out to you, as that will be helpful to her in of itself. After a breakup itís normal to feel upset, angry, confused, rejected (and many other feelings). While during Covid-19 thereís lots else happening, itís important for your friend not to diminish her feelings and her situation. Do encourage her to focus on herself and being kind to herself. It may be useful to share with her (and all of us right now) that to have good mental wellbeing, we need a balance of: Routine (R) - activities that you do day to day (i.e. brush your teeth, shower, wash face, self-care, exercise, eating, sleeping routine, getting dressed, cleaning) Necessary (N) - activities that if you donít do will lead to consequences (i.e. paying bills and rent, meeting university/ work deadlines) Pleasurable (P) - activities that you do that you enjoy/ like (i.e. socialising - video call, playing games, cooking, drawing, reading, walking etc) If she needs further support with her mental health, she could also look at accessing support through the NHS, and can self-refer to IAPT: https://www.nhs.uk/service-search/other-services/Psychological%20therapies%20(IAPT)/LocationSearch/10008 You could also pass on the details of the MWN Helpline so she could speak to someone should she need too. Call us: 0800 999 5786 Text us: 07415 206 936 Email us: info@mwnhelpline.co.uk Vist us: www.mwnhelpline.co.uk

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