Today's news (see: that China is forcing Uighur women to be sterilised and/or fitting contraceptive devices is just one of many examples of the human rights abuses being inflicted on the Uighur Muslim community; we've already heard of how children are being separated from their families and people are being forced into 'internment' camps. What I simply don't understand is, how is nothing being done to stop all this?? What can we do to help?


  • GrannyBibi


    My heart breaks when I think of the Muslims in Uyghur. I've lived through war and although I was a small child, I know what it is like to have someone want to destroy your very being. It physically hurts that we say 'never again' a million times but then stand back and watch it happen again and again. It may not seem like much but we can pray and have faith in Allah SWT that He will grant safety, peace and justice to the Uyghur Muslims.

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  • Sabahn


    Its such a shame that the world turns a blind eye to the torture these poor people are going through. Uighur Muslims have been going through this for years, but the world stays silent because it’s not a trend or a hashtag. This is just getting scarier, they are trying to exterminate an entire group of people, which is history repeating itself, again! An estimated one million (if not more) Muslims detained in so – called “re – education camps” which are designed to strip them of their religious and ethnic identity and replace it with absolute loyalty to the state. Uighur Muslims are forced to drink alcohol and eat pork. The women are forced to marry Chinese men as part of the government program. Why is no one angry at China and their Nazi – style treatment towards innocents? This is the world we live in! • Muslims in China deserve better • Palestine deserves better • Yemen deserves better • Kashmir deserves better • Syria deserves better • Afghanistan deserves better • Black lives deserve better But people want to stay silent on most of these issues because its not a trend! The only thing we could do is continue to raise awareness, sign petitions, spread this news to your friends -especially the ones that know nothing about the atrocities that go on in our world towards innocent Muslims. We must sign petitions, raise awareness through social media and STOP STAYING SILENT.

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  • Anonymous


    Can we also add that this isn't just a racist attack against minorities? This is literally the textbook definition of a genocide i.e. A WAR CRIME. What is going on in China is no different then what happened in Rwanda, Cambodia, Armenia, Bosnia and during the Holocaust. I want to know why NO MUSLIM country has come out and condemned China or any country in general? Because that is politics - China is a powerhouse and can get away with murder just like Russia, the USA and the UK. It is appalling and disgusting. Powerful countries never have to face the injustices they have committed against their own people because who is going to make them? History is written by the winners and the powerful and it sucks. The UN can only do so much, especially if they are ruled by the "big four". I would also like to add that China caused a worldwide pandemic and NO COUNTRY is holding them responsible for the cover-up that has resulted in the death of half a million. The world needs to grow a backbone and make, not just China, but every country that commits atrocities face up to what they have done. There's no point in us all gathering on Holocaust Memorial Day or Armistice Day and saying "Never Again" when we keep allowing it happen again.

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  • MeowZee

    30/06/2020 I came across this petition which urges UK to impose sanctions on China in light of the human rights abuse. It was the only petition I could find and would urge everyone to sign it. I feel international pressure is key to stopping this abuse!

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