Hi everyone, for my PhD I am examining how the police, the CPS and policymakers can be more attuned to 'victims' of Islamophobia because prosecution rates are low and satisfaction with the police is average.


I am searching for a number of Muslim women to share their experiences of seeking support (or perhaps why they did not); findings will feed into police and crime commissioner hate crime working groups, select committees and workshops with policymakers and could help to improve positive outcomes. Anyone who participates will make a highly valuable contribution!


This is an independent project at the University of Birmingham which is funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council. Please contact SXS530@student.bham.ac.uk for more information.






  • NazminA


    This is definitely much needed research. When you say seek support, is this looking at support from the criminal justice agencies or general support e.g. going to a charity for support but not reporting to police etc?

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    • Shivani


      Thanks Nazmin and apologies for the late reply - I'm exploring the usefulness of two types of support: 1) 'formal assistance' from criminal justice agencies like the police and the CPS in addition to charities like Tell MAMA and MEND; and 2) 'informal help' from friends, family, colleagues, etc. I'm examining how policies and practices designed to tackle hate crime can be more 'emotional' and pay greater attention to empathy, compassion, attachment to religion, etc. instead of just being 'rational'. Hope this helps. If anyone is interested I can compensate them for their time through a small gift voucher of their choice :)

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