On social media, I am seeing a lot of people already planning for ramadan. I am seeing influencers purchase decorations and people already selling ramadan diary/goal planners. I feel like I'm so last minute and never really plan on time!

Last year I ordered some baloons and lights and it really kept me going during ramadan!
Some of my friends are already prepping meals and freezing them, like samosas/spring rolls etc!
Has anyone got any tips or anything they'd like to share for their rama-plans?


  • Sabahn


    I was gifted a Ramadan journal...itís really helped me stay on track with reading Quran, memorising Duas & Surahs; and it has a checklist for daily Quran reading, sadaqah, tasbih, adhkar, eating healthy and keeping track of how much water I drink when I break my fast. It motivates me to ensure I have a productive Ramadan, as well as helping me reflect on what Iíve achieved in the month of Ramadan.

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    • karimofthecrop


      this sounds like a great idea!

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  • Anonymous


    I've been 'planning' by changing my sleep patterns, and reducing my sugar and caffeine intakes. And I have a 10 day meal plan which will be replicated 3 times :)

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    • karimofthecrop


      that sounds sensible! I need to try and reduce my caffeine intake starting from today as it gives me such huge headaches on my first fast!

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