The month of March sees a number of celebrations focused on women - Women's History Month, International Women's Day, Mother's Day and now Muslim Women's Day. It is really important to celebrate the achievements of women, especially Muslim women, so that they can inspire others to pursue their own aspirations, as well as challenge stereotypes and bad behaviours. 

Not all role models will hit the headlines however, and it is incredibly important we recognise, acknowledge and thank each and every one of them, regardless of whether they are in the public eye or behind the scenes. So who are some of your role models? 


  • Sabahn


    I was reading up on Dr Hawa Abdi, also known as Mama Hawa. She was a Somali doctor, noble peace prize nominee and a human rights activist. She received her medical degree in Ukraine and returned back to Somalia to serve her people. She opened up a free medical clinic to serve rural women on her own family’s land. After war broke out in her mother land in the nineties, she stayed behind to serve the people. She safeguarded the lives of tens of thousands of Somalis during years of war, famine and displacement. Doctor Hawa Abdi changed 90,000 lives and provided shelter for tens of thousands of people free of charge. I look up to this woman and hope one day I could help people who are in need. “Happiness is not only protecting your life. It comes when someone needs you and you can save their life.” - Dr Hawa Abdi

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