I was scrolling through TikTok the other day and I came across a video speaking about this. I looked through the comments and many people who work for domestic abuse helplines have been told to prepare for the coming weeks. A study conducted in 2014 (during the World Cup) found this was 38% higher on days when England lost a match than on tournament days when England did not play. It was also 26% higher when the team won or when there was a draw. 


  • Anonymous


    That's one reason why some of my cousins ( in their 50s & 60s) don't support England whatsoever. They say England don't deserve winning. I guess that generation had tough time adjusting with white society in 60s, 60s and 70s...

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  • Zee


    I don't understand how GROWN men react like this - why are they so emotionally invested in a few men kicking a ball around!? And to then take out all their rage on their partners! With the final coming up this weekend, I can imagine the % increasing drastically...

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