Choosing a baby name, ESPECIALLY for Muslim Women, can seem like such a daunting task, it seemed that every baby name we thought of, there was always a reason to not like it! Choosing Baby boy names seem so much easier, as there are so many prophets (peace be upon them) to choose from already. 

I wanted to choose a name for my daughter that was different, traditional, yet modern too. I also was aware she'd be in british schools so didnt want to risk any bullying as a result of her name (however I know we cannot control that!) 

I had a whole list in mind. One by one I went through them all, and realized there was always a silly reason not to go for each one. 

I really love the name Arya, but was told it was too "game of thrones" so we never went for it. 

My husband then researched some names and came across one: Ilyana
It was something that clicked with me straight away that I liked.

Its an indirect name from the Quran that means, soft or gentle.

In surah Taha, 20:44, "And speak to him with gentle speech that perhaps he may be reminded or fear [ Allah ]."

the word "gentle" in arabic in this ayah is "Layan"- Ilyana is a derivative from this word.

We have had a few eyebrows and was told it sounded Russian, however I think that adds to how much I loved the name! 

This was a list of names I had for my baby girl, for all you mamas out there wanting some inspiration, here it is:


What are your stories of how you named your children? How easy was it for you? Please share your experiences on here!



  • Shai


    My favourite is Aaliyah of course :-) i knew from the age of 10 years old that when I grew up that I would name my daughter Aaliyah so no no one was going to stop me! No one objected anyway. However, My son's name was a different story and my in laws objected to my son being called Faris just because it was not a typical Pakistani name that they had heard of. They made other suggestions which i ignored. Why do people interfere when you carry that child for 9 months and do the hard work?! Surely it should be the parents and i would go further and say especially mothers who should have the biggest say. Sadly i have come across couples who end up just agreeing with other family members and letting them determine their child's name - a name they carry for the rest of their lives. i have also come across stories of grandparents calling the baby by a name they like even when the parents have named him or her something else.

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    • karimofthecrop


      Yeah it ridiculous! Even for the grandparents just to call the child something else and not acknowledge their actual name...I think it's really easy to give in to family pressure and I think it shows that we are raised to "people-please" all the time...

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