Giving birth to a baby is the most natural thing that could happen to any woman. Itís promoted as Ďfulfilmentí or even a tick box to confirm you are officially a woman or a mother. And we all know heaven is beneath a mothers feet. 

Thereís an expectation that a daughter in law will bless the family with a baby (letís ignore the bit about baby being a boy!) itís exciting and all the eggs(!) are in one basket. Everyone waiting on tender hooks. When will this be announced. Then you find out you need a little help from the doctors. And itís been years. And there is a Ďdisappointedí look on their faces. Nothing is said. But you know you are not adequate for their son. 

No one tells you the % of live pregnancy from IVF is very low. Yes we hear about more and more cases of women falling pregnant after IVF treatment but I find these numbers to be in the thousands (when compared to UK population just under 70million) itís really not that high. 

How many tries is enough? How do you cope? Iím looking for some  ivf stories so I know Iím not on my own. It can get lonely. Hard to talk about. I donít want to tell family/friends because I donít want to be asked what the outcome is of my treatment if itís failed (again)   Iím already down. Donít want the ĎI feel sorry for youí look on their faces. My husband is supportive. But sometimes you want to hear from other women who have similar experiences like meÖÖ.x

Thanking you for reading. 


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    I havent been through IVF but I have many close friends that have had failed and successful attempts. i just wanted to say you are ADEQUATE. Also why does our culture always assume its the woman that cant have the baby and not a problem with the mans sperm? Men who smoke can increase their risk of having unsuccessful implantations due to their sperm. There are so many reasons other than it being blamed on the woman and it is not fair AT ALL!

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