Have you recently got excited about the potential of political activism? Do you want to be making decisions for your community and now you’re working out what that means? Are you trying to establish the next steps in your political career?

This blended learning programme will take you on a three-part journey with a community of supportive women as you map out the next steps in your political journey. This programme is for women who have made the decision to get politically active and want to understand what steps to take to make that a reality.

These three bi-weekly sessions will help you reflect on your passions and map out your journey to elected office, learning from the experiences of others and Elect Her’s resources. We’ll encourage you to choose whether to stand for a party or as an independent candidate, help you learn about the roles available to stand for and equip you with the tools you need to Get Ready To Stand. If you’re already in politics but are considering your next steps, My Political Future is a fantastic opportunity for you to map out your way forward in politics.

In these sessions, you’ll explore:

Thursday 3rd November: My why

  • What motivates me, what are my priorities and values? 

  • Supporting my local community and finding my political purpose

Thursday 17th November: My goal

  • Understanding Government bodies, roles and responsibilities

  • Identifying what’s best for me and my political goal

Thursday 1st December: My way forward

  • Identifying steps towards my political goal

  • Creating actions to achieve my political future

By the end of the programme, you will be able to:

  • Articulate your political purpose, defining what’s most important to you and what change you want to make in politics,

  • Know what role and party is right for your political future, values and goals,

  • Have a clear action plan for moving toward your political goal, understanding where you are now and what three next steps you can take towards getting there.

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