Communicating with Confidence is an essential skill for life and if you can start to learn this skill as a child then the journey of education with communication at the core will be so much easier. Just imagine that every time you get up to speak in class, college or university that everyone is looking at you saying wow, I wish that I could be so confident and speak like that. Or even asking themselves how can they be so confident and not nervous?

I bet you would love to be able to just get up, say what you want and get what you want or get the decision you want because you have these key skills!In this Teaching Children to Communicate with Confidence online course, you will get the opportunity to learn the following:

  • The importance of Communicating with Confidence
  • Top tips for giving a presentation
  • Things to do and not to do
  • The use of body language
  • The need for practice
  • How to practice your presentation on video
  • How to make teachers, parents and fellow students be impressed by your communication skills

This course is delivered through video learning, activities for you to do and a general understanding of some theory.

Follow the link below and make sure you give your child the opportunity to learn this life skill:

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