NEEMA means a blessing, a favour, although it is done to someone and we think that women are a blessing made to humanity. Neema Women Community is an organisation created by women for women. We aim to empower women in our community via various ways including:

Mental support services - psychotherapy, counselling, group therapy

Well-being services - relaxation exercise, anxiety management, healthy lifestyle

Guidance - coaching, legal advice and information

Support session - employment, welfare benefits, education

Youth support services

The goal of our organisation is to improve the well-being of women from childhood to old age. We address risk factors that are directly related to "economic, social and sexual inequalities and prejudices". These inequalities affect the mental and emotional well-being of those affected, and the solutions they will receive will contribute to the advancement of society.

We are a multidisciplinary team some of us have been in mental illness, experience racism or gender inequalities, we have travelled a lot to research about women conditions, we speak several languages and have mastered several cultures. For 2 years, we have been supporting women so that they can accomplish themselves personally and professionally. And we have thus created a strong and interconnected community. We aim to take charge of mental health and well-being, providing support for personal, economic and social development and projects as well as educating future generation.

We found that there were a large number of women suffering from mental health problem and difficult living conditions. Multiple studies have shown that they are the most often affected by the evils of our society, such as precariousness, insecurity, violence, mental problems, and all these have repercussions on all of society levels, especially on children. Currently women are considered the weak link in humanity, often harassed or infantilised while it is quite different, women are the engine of this world, without entering the feminism claimant, we want to support them, accompany them , and motivate them on the importance of their role so that they can fully take their place in this world and flourish.

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Tel: 0121 688 6430/ 0773 558 9978

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