PAO Mums & families are currently trying to raise awareness of the terrible, devastating disease Pregnancy Associated Osteoporosis, where backs and hips break around pregnancy.


This disease is still so unknown, yet has a horrific impact on Mums, their babies & families.

This particular bone disease has a huge physical and mental health impact, from birth trauma, to the feeling of failure as a mother, the impact on career, finances and relationships, the horrific change in body shape arising from vertebral fractures and the ongoing fear of fracturing and living with huge amounts of pain.


Our new campaign commences with Rare Disease Day on 28th February, followed in March by International Women's Day on 8th, Mothering Sunday on 19th & Birth Trauma Awareness Week at the end of March. 


We are participating in and wish to raise awareness of new UK groundbreaking research projects, still seeking participants:

& additionally email

This research will provide new answers for the first time about this unknown condition. 

We appreciate it can be daunting getting involved in research, but we need all Mums who can, to step up & help - both those who have been diagnosed and those who have experienced pregnancy without PAO - to act as "controls" and help provide answers why women get this condition, which is still so unknown and not understood at all.


Do not hesitate to contact us for further information, images, presentations, articles, blogs, quotes or any help we can provide to you.


TIA for any help you are able to give, promoting the new research &/or raising awareness of this horrific condition.


Thank you for listening.


Mrs K A Whitehead MBE (A PAO Mum)

Pregnancy Associated Osteoporosis (PAO)

PAO Patient Group UK  Pregnancy Associated Osteoporosis - PAO UK

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