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Empower yourself by creating your own will and organising your important documents in a safe and secure way, with bank level
encryption through Waseeya. Whether you're single, engaged, married or widowed - inheritance planning or succession planning does not discriminate, we all need to
plan. Women face all kinds of additional challenges when it comes to inheritance planning - from the gender pay gap, to more years spent being a primary caregiver to
dependents, and even longer life expectancy. Planning the transfer will ensure that your assets are distributed as you want and your wishes are fulfilled,
protecting the future generation and preserving your legacy.

They say women run the world - and according to a study in 2020, they’re not far off
either - with 32.37% of UK businesses owned by women it’s clear that women also
have assets to hand down. So, if women are more likely to live longer and have gifts and traditions to pass on,
surely they will need to be the ones to have the final say on distribution. Want to leave money to a charitable trust? Want to dictate who will look after your
dependents? Want to leave a lump sum to a friend? or distribute equally to your children, Writing your own Islamic will and planning your gifts with Waseeya protects all
these decisions.
Women matter, and Muslim women matter. Lets make sure our voices and our wishes are heard. That our stories are not forgotten. And that our families know
where to find everything (that only we could possibly find in five minutes). 

Education means empowerment, and the first step in succession planning your estate is finding out how to do it. So, mothers, daughters, sisters...whatever part of
the spectrum you fit on, download Waseeya and start sorting your Islamic inheritance plan today.

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