This guide is aimed at those who are thinking about writing a blog for the platform (MWN Hub).

1. Who – You can live anywhere in the world and submit a blog for publishing but you must be a member of the MWN Hub. If you are not a member, simply register on the platform create a profile and then submit a blog through the ‘Read’ section. Registration is free.

2. Type - Think about the type of blog you will write. For example, it could be one of the following:

  • Personal story
  • Opinion piece e.g. analysis of a current topic or issue etc.
  • Review e.g. of a film, TV programme, event or book etc.
  • Interview e.g. a questions and answers with an individual or organisation of interest
  • Tips/Advice e.g. a list of top five family-friendly holiday destinations; tips on how to seek a promotion etc
  • A 'How To' guide e.g. sharing recipes; how to protect yourself from online fraud etc
  • Spotlight piece highlighting the work of a not-for-profit organisation or community group that you are a part of

We do not publish academic papers and where you wish to share information about your academic work, you should select a style as mentioned above.

3. Title - Use a title which speaks to the blog and tells readers what it is about. If it is difficult to decide a title, then our editorial team will be able to suggest one for you. Clear descriptive titles are ideal and should not be too long.

4. Topic - To come across as an authoritative voice, it is important to write about a topic that matters to you i.e. an issue that you are passionate about, have experience of or knowledge regarding. You should also select a topic that will appeal to the audiences of the MWN Hub, taking into account our aims. If in doubt, please contact our editorial team and we would be happy to explore whether a proposed topic is suitable for the Hub.

5. Length – Your blog should ideally be between 500 and 800 words. Whilst you can write longer pieces, shorter pieces are generally more likely to be read and have an impact.

6. Citing Sources – If you have mentioned some information in your blog such as research, statistics, a quote by a third party, another blog etc, then you should add a link to the source(s) of information. These citations should come from reputable sources as this will increase credibility of your blog. This can be done by selecting the words connected to the source, then clicking the hyperlink icon from the menu (which will appear when submitting a blog to the Hub) and copying and pasting in the link of the website. As there may be multiple sources that you could choose, please select the most credible and reputable option.

7. Co-authoring – You may co-author your piece and if you do so, please add the name of the co-author to the relevant box when submitting the blog. The co-author does not have to be a member of the platform.

8. Language – We can only accept blogs written in English. Please use engaging language and write in the first person. Where you are putting forward a viewpoint that forms a part of a wider debate, we would encourage you to consider the alternative arguments and put forward your reasons in a persuasive manner.

9. Risk of legal action – As an author, you could be liable for defamation for any statements you make within your blog about a third party which could be deemed defamatory and its inclusion in the blog is likely to cause serious harm to the reputation of said third party. Although truth is a defence to any defamation claims, this defence depends on your ability to be able to prove that your statements are the truth in a court of law which can be a lengthy and costly process. The MWN Hub cannot take any responsibility for any actions which may be taken against you by third parties as a result of your blog and it is therefore imperative that you consider any risks which may be involved in your proposed piece. Whilst we cannot provide any legal advice, the editorial team would be happy to discuss the wording and scope of your blog and any concerns you may have in this respect.

You could also be at risk of legal action if any information within your blog could be considered a breach of confidentiality or data protection, contempt of court, harassment or any other laws. The MWN Hub, and MWNUK, will not be responsible for any actions, claims, losses or damages arising and/or suffered by you and/or any third party as a result of publishing your blog.

10. Images – You should upload an image with your blog. However, please ensure that you are the original copyright owner of the image or you have obtained express permission to use the image. If you do not submit an image, then one will be selected for you.

11. Editing – We will not change the content of your blog or the arguments you may be making. However, if needed we may make the following editorial changes:

  • Spelling and grammar
  • Title
  • Any legal issues arising e.g. potential defamatory statements; possibility of a breach of confidentiality or data protection laws etc
  • Changes needed for safeguarding reasons
  • Factually incorrect information
  • Adding or choosing alternative links to information referred to

We may also make suggestions as to how you may strengthen your points or request clarification on any matters. We aim to work in collaboration with you and any suggestions will be made with a view to supporting you. Where any edits are made by us, we will forward an updated version of the blog to you for approval before publishing. If a matter is time-sensitive, please check your emails regularly for updates.

12. Publishing - We retain the right, in our absolute discretion, to publish or not to publish any blog that is submitted to us. Generally we will aim to publish your blog within seven days of submission to the MWN Hub but this could be longer if we are experiencing a busy period or if your blog requires further editing. Please keep in mind that we have a small team and do not work on weekends, evenings or bank holidays. If the piece is time sensitive, please let us know in the ‘comment box’ when uploading your piece or send us an email on

13. Layout – Your blog will be published as per the MWN Hub house style. We cannot guarantee that your blog will be featured at the top of the blogs (read) section.

14. Cross posting - If you write blogs that are published on your personal blog website, you can also post them on our platform at the same time.

15. Exclusions – We will NOT approve the following types of blogs:

  • That endorse a product or are a publicity post
  • That have been plagiarised
  • That that promotes violence, intolerance, hatred or discriminatory attitudes towards any groups of people
  •  That hinder the promotion of equality, diversity and social inclusion of women and girls, and undermine the promotion of racial and religious harmony
  • That may be in breach of laws e.g. could result in contempt of court offences

16. Promotion – We will endeavour to promote the blog across our MWN Hub social media channels. We encourage you to also promote your piece (using MWN Hub links) and copy in our MWN Hub social media handles.

17. Responding to Comments – If people leave comments on your blog, please consider engaging and responding to them. In some instances, a member may request to speak to you privately about your blog; the MWN Hub gives you the ability to create 'groups' by which you can communicate with other members as well as allow private messaging. However, please only respond or engage with such requests if you are comfortable to do so and take into account our online safety guidance.

18. Post publication – Once a blog has been published we may notice additional spelling or grammar errors which were not noticed during the initial editing process. Where minor in nature, we will make the amendments without seeking further approval from you. However, where the amendment is much more substantial, we will be in touch with you for approval. In some instances it may be necessary to urgently amend a blog; in such a case we reserve the right to make the amendment without your prior approval but will inform you of the same. If you are not happy with any amendments made post-publication and do not agree with our reasons, please let us know immediately.

We reserve the right to remove any blog after publication. Where you would like a blog amended or removed after publication, please contact our editorial team stating your reasons for the request. Please also refer to our privacy policy for further information.

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