Who Can Contribute?
You can live anywhere in the world to submit a blog but must be a member of the MWN Hub. If you are not a member, simply register on the platform, which is free and create a profile and then submit a blog through the ‘Read’ section. We do not make payments for blogs. However, occasionally we may pay for commissioned pieces.

Type of Content Accepted
Examples of pieces that can be submitted (ideally between 500 and 800 words although can be longer but shorter piec

es are more likely to be read) include:

  • Personal story of an experience
  • Opinion piece e.g. analysis of a current topic or issue etc.
  • Review e.g. of a film, TV programme, event or book etc.
  • Interview e.g. a questions and answers with someone
  • Tips e.g. a top ten or five etc., of something
  • Guide on how to do something

However, we will NOT approve the following types of articles:

  • That endorse a product or are a publicity post
  • That are defamatory
  • That do not adhere to our equality policies e.g. anything that promotes violence, intolerance, hatred or discriminatory attitudes towards any groups of people

Advice on Writing Blogs
If you are thinking about writing a blog for our website, you can access our Contributor's Guide. We will not change the content of a written piece or the arguments made unless they breach our terms and conditions and you will be contacted should this be the case. If needed we will therefore make the following editorial changes:
  • Spellings and grammar
  • Title
  • Content related to legal issues e.g. defamation
  • Factually incorrect information
  • Add or choose alternative links to information referred to
If minor cosmetic changes are made such as spellings and grammar only or links chosen, we will not contact you to seek approval and make your article / blog live and update you. If you are not satisfied, you can request for changes. We will contact you for other changes such as perhaps requesting you to consider strengthening or clarifying parts of your article.We will retain the right not to publish any piece that is submitted to us. This could happen if the article is: of poor quality, not relevant to our audience or the content is in our exclusion list.


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