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A doctor's experience on the frontline during Covid

MWN Hub decided to interview one of the many inspirational Muslim female doctors who has been treating COVID-19 patients in hospital.

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A doctor's experience on the frontline during Covid

MWN Hub decided to interview one of the many inspirational Muslim female doctors who has been treating COVID-19 patients in hospital.

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Ever since the Sarah Everard murder there has been an ongoing discussion on the role of men when it comes to womenís safety.

MWN Hub decided to interview one of the many inspirational Muslim female doctors who has been treating COVID-19 patients in hospital.

The British judiciary is still overwhelmingly white and male and there is not a single BAME judge in the Supreme Court.

Thanks to my dad and our regular trips to the library, it seems that books have always been such a meaningful part of my life.

This article is my dedication to those warriors who fight depression every day. You are strong! You are the strongest!

People of Bangladeshi ethnicity are twice as likely to die of Covid than those of White British ethnicity

Even in 2020 I find myself stuck at the same crossroads I found myself at ten years ago when I began to come out.

Iím here to tell you that, single or not, the most important form of love is self-love!

Here are a couple of Muslim women science geniuses to show Muslim girls they too can end up being leaders in their field.

Race Equality Week is an opportunity for us to address race inequalities and seek legislative solutions to help tackle racial discrimination

2010 - this was the year my life turned upside down and I didnít even know it, nor would I for the next eight years.

This pregnancy complication characterised by an extreme form of sickness can be a horrific, lonely experience, but more support is available

Smear tests save lives yet BAME women are less likely to have them. MWNUK tested attitudes of Muslim women through a survey.

It is vital that we raise awareness about STIs and put an end to the taboo nature that surrounds this topic.

Even though people from Black and Asian backgrounds are more likely to die from Covid-19, they are more reluctant to have the vaccine.

Life can be so beautiful if we allow ourselves to believe we deserve happiness. Do what you love, smile more and be kind to yourself.

Cultural misconceptions and incorrect interpretations of religion can often result in discrimination and stigma against disabled individuals

A poem about family abuse, written by a victim and survivor of domestic abuse.

Urgent reform is needed of the Victim's Right to Review (VRR) if we are to stop failing victims of rape and sexual abuse

I have written an article on hope; I hope the reader will benefit and share with those that need some hope in their lives.

Whether you are for it or against it, whatever you decide, please ensure you get your facts and research from proper resources.

We could not stand by and allow the awful perpetrator to succeed in sharing their vile, anti-Semitic message.

A summary of obtaining Forced Marriage Protection Orders and other issues that people have to deal with surrounding FMPO

Saudi Arabia may be polishing its image to the world but continues to hold women's rights campaigners without charge or trial.

Alcohol addiction may be a response to increasing levels of domestic abuse and it is probably being used as a coping mechanism.

I had the pleasure of watching and writing down my first and final impressions of the ĎA Suitable Boyí series.

Our mantra in Tell MAMA, is to be 'Upstanders and not Bystanders' and we have used this phrase for over 7 years in our campaigning.

If their hard work was able to get them the vote by the end of World War One, then I'm sure those women also deserve a poppy!

Labour MP Naz Shah and Conservative MP Caroline Nokes launch a new APPG on Muslim women to provide a more powerful way to help them be heard

Directors Smriti Mundhra and Sarita Khurana shift perspective and expose patriarchy in their documentary about arranged marriage.

Let's take a moment to question how well we know our body, especially our breasts? We should normalise regularly checking our breasts.

Coins will enter circulation today featuring the words 'Diversity Built Britain'. Here are 4 BAME women who helped shape British history.

Ladies, itís time we break societal and cultural taboos surrounding our periods. Iím here to get the conversation started about your period!

How to stay safe. Scams are becoming increasingly sophisticated with some fraudsters even mimicking UK mobile numbers.

Have online platforms created another medium for men to assert control and manipulation over women?

Attending the madrassah (mosque school) was always something I was excited about as a child.

Celebrating World Friendship Day is just one of the ways we can acknowledge our awesome sidekicks and show them how much we love them!

Eid-ul-Adha, also known as the Feast of the Sacrifice, is the three-day Muslim festival which is held to commemorate Prophet Ibrahim.

Health experts recommend to breast feed exclusively for the first 6 months, but how realistic are these expectations?

Carers UK estimate that there are around half a million carers from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds.

South Asian Heritage Month is about reclaiming the history and identity of British South Asians and for them to be able to tell their storie

Although I feel squeamish when giving my blood only for a blood test, I would still try and donate blood if I could.

Unfortunately, I have had a first-hand experience of being told that I can't be with my partner just because of the colour of his skin.

It broke my heart seeing Shurki Abdi's mother in tears. Losing a child is one of the deepest sorrows a heart can know.

The organ donation law has now changed. The 'opt out' system for organ donation started in England from yesterday (19th May 2020).

Is the root cause of many women's problems a lack of financial independence and financial education?

Laylatul Qadr (the Night of Power) is one of the most sacred nights in the Islamic calendar

I hear many engaging in conversation about Ramadhan and how this year it will not be the same.

Acts of stalking and harassment are more common than we think, with it affecting people's lives in numerous ways

Unlike others, my spiritual journey started quite late in life. As I began to read about Islam, I started to make changes in my life.

During these challenging times, there have been many concerns about how this is all going to work

As a country, the next few weeks are full of uncertainty and this can be particularly worrying for individuals, families and communities.

The concept of sexual intimacy seems almost non-existent amongst the Muslim community.

It feels empowering to know that Muslim women are not bowing down in the face of disadvantage.


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