Marking 70+ years of service to the United Kingdom, the Queen is celebrating her Platinum Jubilee - she is the first British Monarch to do so! While the country celebrates this anniversary, we thought we use this opportunity to see what some Muslim women have to say about the Queen…


"I think it’s remarkable how the Queen has been reigning for 70 years! A woman who has been respected worldwide, is an iconic figure. For me, I do have a soft spot for her, I admire her resilience and how dedicated she is to her role as a monarch. I wish her well and look forward to watching new Crown series on Netflix… and of course the Jubilee events, I shall toast a strong cup of chai in her honour."


"I think she’s pretty amazing and even though I’m not a royalist I really admire her. People may think she’s a Queen and has a good life but all the public appearances and engagements she undertakes isn’t easy. The thing I admire and respect about her the most is that when she came to the throne at such a young age after her father died, she said she would serve the country no matter how long or short her life would be….’I declare before you all that my whole life whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong’….and she proved it with actions, not just words. As from the national anthem….’God save our gracious Queen! Long live our noble Queen!’ So yes, I may not be a royalist but I have the utmost respect for Her Majesty."


"She is an amazing woman who has showed endurance elegance and grace in everything that she has done."


"The Queen has been a faithful and dedicated monarch. Her commitment and loyalty to her role has been outstanding. I admire her as a woman who, as a wife, a mother and grandmother has shown dignity, courage and integrity in dealing with her families ups and downs!"


"I have always had a view of indifference about the queen but what I can say is over the last 10 years and having educated myself more through fact and entertained myself through 'The Crown' I now hold a more warm and respectful view of the Queen and with all the privilege and wealth lets not forget the sacrifice and duty she has delivered on for more than many of our years on this earth. We spend so much time trying to erase history these days, but we are who we are because of our Monarchy and for most of us that is the Queen!"


"As a young person I always was a fan of the royal family. Suddenly having to stand in as queen when she was a young woman shows immense courage and leadership."


"The queen has shown considerable strength and resilience in the face of adversity especially during the pandemic and losing Prince Phillip. She has shown that she leads by example and deserves respect for that show of solidarity with the people of UK and following the rules. A true example of being put into a role at a young age and growing within that role to do her duty for the country. An example of resilience, courage and humanity throughout her period as Queen."


"I remember seeing the Queen on her visit in Pakistan when I was a little girl. I was so excited. Without the royals, there would be no empire."


"She is very good for the country, and she really thinks about her family and really loves her grandchildren. When she engages with the public, she does it with humility and modesty. She spends a lot of time in public service and public engagement. She’s got good relationships with other countries. She is fitting for the role of a queen."


"My thoughts on the queen……. I felt she led by example when attending her husband’s funeral. The Queen sat alone and the grief was etched on her face for all to see. She chose to adhere to the government guidelines that were in place at the time, which showed the public that she stood with them and not above them."

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