Some History of Muslim Women in Education

Why are educated Muslim women looked down upon by some in the community?

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Muslim Marriages in Britain - Know Your Rights

Watch this video to find out if your Muslim marriage is legally recognised, and how this can affect your rights.


Muslim Marriages in Britain - Know Your Rights

Watch this video to find out if your Muslim marriage is legally recognised, and how this can affect your rights.


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It has now been a year since Baroness Shaista Gohir OBE's appointment to the House of Lords as a Cross-Bench Peer!

MWNUK CEO was on BBC Newsnight to touch upon the impact of coercive control & manipulation in abusive relationships.

Baroness Shaista Gohir spoke at the House of Lords on the Online Safety Bill.

The 'Sangini Edit' series aim to explore the cultural entitlement of South Asian Women working within the creative industries

Shalina Litt sings John Legend's 'All of Me' at the Be Cafe, Kuwait.

A poem recited by male youth champion, Nazeya Yafai in Arabic / English about female genital mutilation.

This video explains how Muslim women are reviving long-lost traditions of reciting the Quran in public.

Interview with Rozana Isa, Executive Director of Sisters in Islam (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

This is part two to two where she shares her thoughts about Quran and social justice.

Dr Iram Sattar (GP & Co-Chair of MWNUK) explains the importance of being breast aware this Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Shalina speaks with Taiba Khan. Taiba discusses how her eating disorder negatively affected her life, and how she overcame it

BAME women are less likely have a smear test and are therefore putting their lives at risk.

Duniya Bibi, a 58-year-old tribal Pakistani woman just won a local council seat in Pakistan.

Wonderful to see women of colour from around the world breaking barriers 👏

MWNUK CEO Baroness Gohir spoke in the House of Lords in support of Baroness Morgans amendment to the Online Safety Bill.

Several MPs from the APPG on Muslim Women share their #Choose2Challenge stories as a part of the theme for IWD 2021

An online event to encourage and support BAME women in applying for roles on public and private sector Boards.

***T/W*** This videos highlights femicide victims from South Asian, Arab, Black and other ethnic minority communities.

In 2020, The Centre for Social Justice launched an inquiry on child sexual exploitation and child sexual abuse.

Child sexual exploitation - challenging attitudes of male attitudes

Shalina hosts Asifa Lahore, UKs First Out Muslim Drag Queen, and Saima Razzaq, 1st queer Muslim woman to lead Pride in B'ham.

Ayisha Karim interviews Nurun Ahmed, the first Hijab-wearing candidate to appear on BBC's The Apprentice.

Join the conversation and share your thoughts on this and other topic through comments, blogs and your own videos.

Watch this video to find out if your Muslim marriage is legally recognised, and how this can affect your rights.

Campaign to challenge stereotypes of Muslim women and to provide inspiration (Part 2 of 2).

Activists and professionals share their views on what changes they want to see on women's empowerment.

Panellists in the seminar discuss insights from Justice and Beauty in Muslim Marriage: Towards Egalitarian Ethics and Laws

New women led not for profit organisation launches in Muslim charity sector.

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Why are educated Muslim women looked down upon by some in the community?

It made me rethink the concept of donation, and I personally have now registered as an organ donor knowing first-hand what it means...

It is important for Muslim girls/teens to be aware of toxic relationships with parents, boyfriends and friends!

As part of South Asian Heritage Month (SAHM), I bring you the stories of our women folk...

Will you be watching the procession? Do you think this is insensitive in light of the current cost of living crisis?

To mark this important milestone, we will have a series of announcements that will include the launch of a Muslim Womens Manifesto...

New Economics Foundation (NEF) had predicted in May 2022 that ethnic minorities will be hit the hardest by the cost-of-living crisis

Kashif Anwar was found guilty of murdering his wife Fawziyah Javed but it is Fawziyahs family who have been sentenced to a life of grief.

Ms Begum is a British born Muslim woman and should be allowed to return to face any criminal trial and questioning on British soil.

I thought I would share some of my goals for the new year as a Muslim woman, particularly focusing on spiritual wellbeing and Islam.

A short account of my personal experience as being a Muslim Shia in Britain and where some Shia Muslim beliefs stem from.

Maryam Amir launching her new Woman Quran Reciters app (Qariah) during Ramadan, is another example of women literally finding their voice.

It made me rethink the concept of donation, and I personally have now registered as an organ donor knowing first-hand what it means...

Stress is an inevitable part of life. Unfortunately, we cannot escape stress, but there are a lot of things we can do to help manage it!

I thought only periods and sex was a taboo issue in my community until I started experiencing peri-menopausal symptoms.

An account of the vigil in memory of Fawziyah Javed by her mother Yasmin Javed in collaboration with MWNUK, One Million Rise and Amina MWRC

She was a Muslim feminist and was talking about Islamic feminism at a time when many Muslim women in the UK were not.

A little dedication to my grandmother and appreciation of some of the challenges she faced in her childhood and early adulthood.

The safest countries for solo Muslimah to explore while enjoying the world!

I quite often get asked if a destination I visited was Muslim friendly or not. Muslim friendly could mean a variety of different things

Here are a few online media platforms and magazines aimed at Muslims, some of which particularly focus on Muslim women and girls.

Im back again with another blog about my travel tips/stories as a Muslim woman travelling without a man...

So, this rant is for all you mothers who are having a hard time not being recognised or acknowledged for the things you do every single day

This article discusses the challenges of choosing Muslim baby girl names and stories of how people decide names.

Razia Hadait was one of the members of public who were fortunate enough to be invited to Queen Elizabeths state funeral...

This poem talks about the reality we have created online via filters and how we all want to look like each other.

A poem about love. Happy Valentines Day!

Lost and Found tells you about my faith journey and how I found my spiritual calm over the years - I hope you can relate to this poem.

It is lovely to see Muslim women representation in such influential positions!

Earlier this week, I chaired an event at the House of Lords on Women of Colour Barriers to Participation.

Celebs have jumped on the bandwagon of supporting women's rights, but their words are hollow when silent on the oppression of Muslim women.

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