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St. George's University are doing research on women’s views on of self-taken swabs for your cervical screening (‘smear test’); it’s time to tackle the barriers that women face in accessing healthcare!

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We invite you to participate in a research interview exploring the experiences of South Asian parents or primary caregivers who have a child that is experiencing mental health difficulties.

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Sociological research as part of my studies in Sciences Po Paris University. In need to interview one of the members.

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The NCA offers a space for young Europeans to envision, create, and tell post-migrant stories of the variety and complexity of Muslim life throughout Europe.

I am interested in understanding the needs and motivations of a female Muslim consumer in the UK when purchasing modest activewear, as well as their opinions on the current offering.

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Please contact me at '' to partake in my research. See attached information sheet.

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Research on discrimination at work or during recruitment

We invite you to participate in a survey exploring the impact of difficult childhood experiences (discrimination, physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, etc) on health.

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I am conducting research on the use of Allah expressions (such as Mash'Allah, Insh'Allah etc.) by British South Asian Muslims. You must be 18 years or older to complete the survey. Deadline: 28th Dec

MWNUK wants to explore in greater depth the barriers which are keeping women of colour out of politics.

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Please consider taking part in this online study to improve NHS services. You can take part if you: are pregnant or gave birth in the past 3 years, AND you were referred to NHS mental health support.

We are inviting all Women for diverse communities to share the challenges they have faced when trying to access perinatal mental health help/services. This is a study funded by the NIHR.

Introducing the Women Awards for the British Muslim Community

A safe space for Muslim mums to get support with breastfeeding and early parenting - run by trained Muslim professionals. Every Thursday at 10am on Zoom for pregnant and postnatal mums.

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I am conducting interviews with women from different faith groups in order to understand how individuals feel they are represented within their religion. I want to hear your opinion and your stories.

We are looking for women who experienced maternal mistreatment to investigate women’s experiences of informed consent and shared decision-making before, during and after childbirth.

I am looking into the experiences of hair loss for younger women of colour who have had chemotherapy for breast cancer. We will provide participants with a £20 shopping voucher for their time.

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I am looking into the experiences of hair loss for younger women of colour who have had chemotherapy for breast cancer.

I am leading on a pregnancy care interview study with women with two or more long-term health conditions. We will provide participants with a £20 shopping voucher as a thank you for their time.

This is an online, interview-based study to discuss the experiences of religious, ethnic minority women on Instagram. It deals with beauty, representation and identity.

MWNUK is seeking to set up a national advisory group of 8-12 Muslim women to strengthen its advocacy and campaigning work.

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I am conducting research as part of my project and I am looking to speak to British Muslim Women who were a victim of domestic abuse / violence

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I am conducting research as part of my project and I am looking to speak to British Muslim Women who were a victim of domestic abuse / violence.

For my undergraduate dissertation research, I am looking to speak to women about their participation in media and politics as well as any experiences they have had of gendered forms of Islamophobia.

Concerned about your child’s strong religious views? Aged 18-25 years with strong religious views, considered to be radical by some? Islamic activist with strong religious views aged 26+?

Hello, I am a research student at Birmingham City University. I would like to invite South Asian pregnant women or new mothers (up to one year post-partum) to take part in four virtual workshops.

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SARAC as a charity we celebrate and value diverse communities and want to ensure people have their say about how we can improve our services to reach even more people.

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This research project is based on the impact counter-terrorism policies have within the UK on women's human rights. I am looking for people with relevant knowledge to participate in a short interview.

I'd like to speak to women who've had high blood pressure in pregnancy for their input on a study that I'm designing. In return you'll receive £30.

For my PhD research, I am looking to speak to women who identify as both religious and minority ethnic, to discuss your experiences surrounding beauty, body image and representation on Instagram.

This exciting study is now open for recruitment and will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Click on the link to participate:

We are looking to speak to women who identify as racially minoritised and have experienced sexual violence, to hear your views about receiving treatment from mental health or substance use services.

Research supporting British Muslim ex-offenders, understanding their experiences having left the criminal justice system and providing policy recommendations on reintegration

- Live with 2 or more long-term physical or mental health conditions, AND - Pregnant in the last 5 years or planning a pregnancy What mother & baby outcomes are important to you Help shape research

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£10 Amazon voucher provided to participants in a research study for South Asian pregnant women

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I am doing a university project on the hijab ban in classrooms in Karnataka, India and am looking for UK Muslim women to speak to on their experience wearing the hijab in their education and workplace

Calling for female Muslim entrepreneurs participants! The impact of gender, ethnicity, and religion on female Muslim entrepreneurs in Great Britain.

An opportunity to take part in a research study on the impact of COVID-19 on Muslim communities living in Birmingham.

We would like to interview new mothers who are based in South London to share their experiences of the postnatal period.

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My dissertation is investigating barriers British South Asian Muslim women face due to being victims of domestic abuse. Responses from those willing to and who fit the profile would be appreciated.

Using poetry to empower other survivors who are coping through their own challenges, to give them strength to find their own value, self-worth, and hope for a brighter future.


We are looking for compassionate and level-headed volunteers to provide our service users with the relevant information, advice, support and when necessary, make referrals.

🔥 Thursday May 19th 2022 🔥 7 sessions 🔥 8.15pm- 10pm 🔥 Zoom Program To book Message Samia on 07900110293/

My name is Henrietta Graham, and I am a doctoral researcher at Loughborough University, currently running a weight management study. If you are interested, please email me at

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A free playwriting group for Muslim Women in Islington to connect and express stories. This space of openness is for writers of all abilities, with weekly writing exercises and prompts

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I am writing a post on Hijabis in the Workplace (UK) at work for IWD. I am hoping to hear the experiences of different Hijabi women in a workplace setting (of any kind - industry/position etc.).

Opportunity to help develop a questionnaire for South Asian people about adverse childhood experiences (bullying, physical abuse, emotional abuse, underage marriage, and other experiences)

Seeking participants for research investigating maternal healthcare experiences, discrimination and racism.

Please help us to shape research into the use of AI in UK breast screening services

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Research project investigating the experiences of domestic abuse and how these experiences can affect a woman's livelihood and identity.

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I am currently writing an undergraduate dissertation, which involves conducting research to support my arguments and aims which are to investigate the experiences of domestic abuse for Bangladeshi (W)

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I am a college student in Wales completing a project into sexism in Islam entitled 'Women in Islam - Oppressed or Liberated'. This is a survey that will go towards my primary research .

Despite employers’ best intentions and a world-wide movement for change, women are still getting a raw deal at work. This book investigates the underlying causes of this enduring reality.

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Queen Mary University of London are conducting research to help improve alcohol support for people who identify as South Asian.

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WE NEED YOUR THOUGHTS! The Labyrinth Project is a new initiative, designed to improve outcomes for women using services in Birmingham. Please take our short survey!

Seeking mothers to take part in 1:1 interviews. If you have you have given birth during the covid-19 pandemic & identify as Black...we want to hear about your experiences.

Disabled people are invited to share their thoughts and ideas on how to make the Big Changes coming to Bristol good for Disabled people and the planet.

My name is Joanna and MWNUK has kindly offered me the opportunity to share a post about the research project I am currently working on. Thank you in advance for reading!

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"@OpenMyMosque", is an initiative to collect information that will help understand what UK #Muslimwomen need from mosques and gather all kinds of experiences of using #UKmosques. Dear Friend,

A short film putting a face to the women in the UK who have been assaulted or harassed, with an aim to educate viewers on the issue

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