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My name is Joanna and MWNUK has kindly offered me the opportunity to share a post about the research project I am currently working on. Thank you in advance for reading!

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"@OpenMyMosque", is an initiative to collect information that will help understand what UK #Muslimwomen need from mosques and gather all kinds of experiences of using #UKmosques. Dear Friend,

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I'm looking to speak to those who have experienced difficulties in resettling in the community during COVID-19. For example, lack of work, support due to social distancing, or reduced mental health.

We're working with a national mental health charity to better understand how you navigate and manage your mental health.

Sangini's arts project 'Srijoni' explores the impact of the Covid pandemic on women from Muslim communities and will culminate in an exhibition at Arts Centre Washington. Opening on 18 May 2021

A short film putting a face to the women in the UK who have been assaulted or harassed, with an aim to educate viewers on the issue

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Offer of postgraduate (MA and PhD ) funding for the coming autumn - October 2021 with an application deadline of 21 May 2021

To read MWNUK's full statement, head to our website:

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Social research with women aged between 45 and 60

Women / partners with recent childbirth experiences needed for COVID Health Inequalities Project.

The government is seeking views to inform the development of their Women's Health Strategy. You can respond by filling in an online survey, view for more information.

I will be studying disturbances and changes to their life and social roles due to the increased need of in-home care, both with their ICU discharge as well as COVID. How have their lives been affected

Salam, I am doing a study on the changes and disruptions in the social roles and lives of COVID patients and family members in the UK due to the increased need for care in the home post ICU discharge

Read about Women's History Month, feminist health news, pop culture highlights, and empowering advice!

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£10 Amazon e-gift voucher available for pregnant women and midwives to share their views on weight management during pregnancy

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Our Community Champions are residents of Birmingham who want to make a real difference in their communities, by engaging, informing and inspiring others. Help us to continue making lives better.

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This study aims to understand the impact of the present COVID-19 lockdown on the home lives of women from ethnic minority communities (specifically from the Black, Asian and Mixed Ethnic groups).

Useful resources for women who have experienced pregnancy, labour and birth.

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