King Charles III was crowned king on Saturday 6th May 2023. A time to come together as a country and celebrate its King, or is it? High energy prices and inflation means most households in the UK are struggling to warm their homes or feed their families. So how does the public feel about the estimated cost of the coronation at around 50-100 million. Gordon Brown, former prime minister tweeted last Monday saying “the fanfare for a king cannot obscure what is unfair for others – rising deprivation among those without money or power”. He goes on to praise the new King on recognising the contributions of community volunteers and describing this as the King’s “lasting legacy of his ascension to the throne”.

Muslim Women’s Network UK (MWNUK) wanted to ask its members what their views were around the king’s coronation and received mixed reviews.

MWNUK member who wanted to remain anonymous, stated that the “money should go to all those suffering to survive”.

Kate, 57, from Oxford appreciated the opportunity to comment on King Charles III coronation “Thanks so much for the opportunity to comment on this - as a citizen I feel we've not been given any real opportunities to make our feelings known.

I personally feel that a huge ceremony to celebrate the coronation is insensitive at a time when many in our country are facing poverty and hardship. If there is a monarchy, then I understand there is a wish for some kind of ceremony, but this could have been kept to a minimum and any money saved given to charities to feed the hungry and homeless.

There is also the extremely important issue that this is really a celebration and affirmation of some of the dark deeds of our colonial past. There will be stolen jewels, items made from ivory and other riches on display that show our past which is never properly examined or admitted to.

This could be a time for healing, admission of how our colonial history and slavery have contributed to the wealth of the monarchy and upper classes and the opening up of a conversation on this. Instead they'll have a big, opulent party. It's abhorrent.

I will be travelling abroad (deliberately) to avoid all of the ridiculous hype and will not be tuning in to watch!”

Sham, 39 from Birmingham stated “Amongst all the chaos of Brexit, Covid-19 outbreak and cost of living crisis, we need something to cheer us up, what better than the crowning of King Charles III and having a good all street party and an additional bank holiday to get us going. The only hiccup is we don’t have the money, energy nor the desire to waste the pennies we don’t have to buy the red, blue and white partyware and fly our flags for the king and country. The wealthy don’t always understand or appreciate the long hours we spend working, looking after our families, trying to pay for child care as well as driving up to the local food bank and hoping we don’t bump into someone we know, in case they think we are stealing someone else’s right to have ‘free tinned food’, because we are employed, work shifts, have a regularly income, but it’s still not enough. So, unless the food banks are giving away street party food, bunting, balloons, matching plates and napkins, and some laughter and joy I don’t think I will be celebrating much. But thanks for the bank holiday! I shall enjoy this in bed catching up on a few winks! Happy Coronation Charlie!”

A 24-year-old anonymous, from Birmingham commented: “Given the current state of the country, I find it highly insensitive that we are expected to look forward to a ceremony which celebrates a family who do close to nothing for the British people. In a climate where mothers are stealing baby formula and groceries because of the cost-of-living crisis, we the British public are then expected to pay for this extremely unnecessary “state event”. It is estimated that the Coronation of Charles III will cost the British taxpayers around £100 million, why on earth is this money not being spent on the very people who pay it forward? Instead, it’s wasted on an event most of the country couldn’t care less about. It makes no logical or ethical sense to have pompous ceremony which serves to flaunt the monarchy’s vast wealth in a time where most of the population are having to use foodbanks or sleep on the streets because they simply cannot afford to live. I hope this Coronation reminds ‘royalists’ that they have far less in common with the monarchy than they do with the average Brit and its time we abolished the monarchy. Britain prides itself in being a modern, secular and diverse country – if this is truly the case, we should remove the outdated and archaic Royal Family”.

We acknowledge that people with negative views are more likely to voice their opinions.

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