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The General Election in 2024 has resulted in the election of 25 Muslim MPs, which means they make up almost 4% of the total 650 MPs.

Muslim women in British politics face unique challenges...

Muslim women expressed their deep concerns about the rise in hate crimes, particularly anti-Muslim prejudice, and the government's inaction

Major parties have not condemned Nigel Farage’s Islamophobic comments to reassure Muslims that their safety matters.

To make any meaningful change, you have to engage. So in this coming election, I will be exercising my civic duty.

I am deeply concerned that the current government appears to lack a strong commitment to addressing Islamophobia.

Muslim Women's Network UK (MWNUK) eagerly awaited the Chancellors autumn statement...

New Economics Foundation (NEF) had predicted in May 2022 that ethnic minorities will be hit the hardest by the cost-of-living crisis…

It is lovely to see Muslim women representation in such influential positions!

Earlier this week, I chaired an event at the House of Lords on ‘Women of Colour – Barriers to Participation.

Will you be watching the procession? Do you think this is insensitive in light of the current cost of living crisis?

Congratulations to the 14 Muslim women recognised in the King’s first New Year’s Honours 2023.

Celebs have jumped on the bandwagon of supporting women's rights, but their words are hollow when silent on the oppression of Muslim women.

“Behind every great man is a great woman”; it’s time to take a look at the amazing Muslim women involved in Pakistan’s independence.

She was a Muslim feminist and was talking about Islamic feminism at a time when many Muslim women in the UK were not.

We explore the personal experiences of Muslim millennial's who grew up in a post 9/11 world.

A book review of 'In Order To Live' by Yeonmi Park about her journey to freedom as she escaped North Korea.


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