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As a Muslim parent, I know the struggle of finding engaging resources that celebrate our children's identities and foster their spiritual development. The options often felt limited, lacking variety and relevant topics for today's young minds. This is exactly why I embarked on a personal project fuelled by my daughter's needs and the desires of countless Muslim kids like her.

Confident Press was born from a mother's love and a community's need. We started by creating a collection of various journals focusing on crucial themes like Ramadan, Hadith, Salah, and even puberty. But we didn't stop there! We recognized the power of visual learning and produced beautifully illustrated colouring books like "How to Perform Wudu," "Five Pillars of Islam," and "Six Articles of Faith," for our younger one to make complex concepts easy and enjoyable. One of our Ramadan Journals even became a "Top New Release" on Amazon US, highlighting the impact these resources are having.

Here's what makes Confident Press unique:

  • Variety: The journals address themes like Ramadan, Hadith, Salah, and puberty, to cater to a wider range of interests and ages for Muslim girls.
  • Relevance: The content is tailored to the experiences of Muslim kids today, sparking curiosity and fostering a deeper connection with their faith.
  • Engagement: Interactive journals and vibrant colouring books make learning fun and memorable.
  • Empowerment: These resources encourage Muslim girls and kids to celebrate their unique experiences and embrace their faith in a meaningful way.

Confident Press is more than just resources, it is a mission. The goal is to reach out and empower as many young Muslim girls and kids as possible. We want to impact lives; these resources can be valuable companions on their journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

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Together, we can create a world where every Muslim child feels confident, celebrated, and connected to their faith. Let's join hands and make a difference!

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