By Aaliyah Gohir

The Muslim community deserves to be informed, inspired and empowered - which majority of the time mainstream media denies us, due to not being inclusive or instead being discriminative and misleading. Here are a few online media platforms and magazines aimed at Muslims, some of which particularly focus on Muslim women and girls, that provide a safe and open space to discuss and debate topics that relate to Muslims. These platforms address a range of topics including: lifestyle, beauty, health, relationships, religion, arts and culture, politics and more!

I have of course included this platform, MWN Hub, where you can submit blogs here or suggest any video discussion ideas here. You can find out more about MWN Hub and 6 other great platforms aimed at Muslims down below:


This platform branches out from its owners, the national charity Muslim Women’s Network UK, into a more interactive and creative space that discusses a range of experiences, particularly relating to Muslim women and girls. Through blogs, podcasts and videos you can learn about topics including women’s health, sports, social justice, women’s empowerment, lifestyle and more. You can also share your own views and connect with others via forums and by submitting your own content.

You can find out more here and can keep updated via their social media page:
Instagram - @mwnhub

The Muslim Vibe

This online platform focuses on Islamic content that encourages young Western Muslims to engage in discourse about Islam and what it means to be Muslim in the West. Through this they aim to unite a community for modern day Western Muslims while upholding Islamic values. They discuss a variety of topics related to Islam, faith, lifestyle, current affairs and society from an Islamic viewpoint. You can engage with their content through articles, podcasts and videos on their YouTube channel.

If you are interested in contributing to this platform, you can submit blogs via their website. You can also keep updated via their social media:
Twitter - @themuslimvibe
Instagram – @themuslimvibe


This online platform focuses on highlighting the voices of Muslim women and provides a space to discuss the experiences of the Muslim female community. They achieve this through articles, podcasts, videos, events and brand partnerships; Amaliah have worked with Lush, Waterstones, Stylish Magazine and Pinterest to promote the voices of Muslim women so they can feel seen and understood. They focus on 7 main categories: relationships, identity, soul, fashion, beauty, lifestyle and world.

For more information about Amaliah, you can visit their website and can contribute by suggesting ideas here. You can also keep updated via their social media:
Twitter - @amaliah_tweets
Instagram - @amaliah_com

Brown Girl Magazine

This online magazine is dedicated to the voices of South Asian women that lack representation in mainstream media. They publish multi-media content that reflects south Asian culture, dialogue, expressions and experiences to create a better understanding of the South Asian community. Brown Girl Magazine addresses a range of topics from lifestyle, beauty, health, culture, trending topics and more! You can engage with their content via their blogs, podcast titled ‘The Chaat Room’ and YouTube channel.

To keep updated with their content you can subscribe to their newsletter via their website and follow their social media pages:
Twitter - @browngirlmag
Instagram - @browngirlmag

Muslim Girl

This online platform aims to combat the misleading narratives, stereotypes and misconceptions of Muslim women and girls in mainstream media and provides a space for them to speak up and share a more honest representation of themselves. Their articles, videos and podcasts discuss and raise awareness about women’s rights in Islam, gender equality and issues that modern Muslim women face.

You can keep updated with their content by subscribing to their newsletter via their website and their social media pages:
Twitter – @muslimgirl
Instagram - @muslimgirl

Hijabi Life

This online platform shares what it is like to be a Muslim in America, particularly as a hijabi. While similar platforms discuss topics related to the Muslim community, many of the blogs on this platform focus more specifically on the lifestyle of Muslim hijabi women - for example you can find articles about hijab trends. Their content ranges from beauty, parenting, relationships, Islam, lifestyle and more!

You can interact and share your opinions on their website via the comment section of blogs.

Muslim Matters 

This online magazine brings attention to issues faced by modern Muslims living in the West. Through blogs, podcasts and videos, this platform brings to light different viewpoints on topics including sex education, religion, politics, civil rights, identity, current affairs and more! Muslim Matters aims to create a community for Western Muslims to talk about their lifestyle and Islamic identity, while also providing practical solutions to any issues. 

You can find out more about Muslim Matters by signing up to their newsletter via their website (link) and by following their social media pages:
Twitter - @muslimmatters
Instagram – @muslimmatters

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