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More and more Muslim women have started travelling solo and exploring the world. The safety of travel, a growing number of women-only groups, and the financial stability of Muslim women contribute to this. After the world was closed to travel for almost two years, travel is again booming, and Halal travel is predicted to reach pre-covid numbers by 2024.

In a report by Crescentrating and Mastercard on Muslim Women in Travel in 2019, of the 140 million Muslims who travelled, 63 million were women. They were estimated to spend $80 billion on their travels, and the majority of them were under 40 years old.

There is so much opportunity to grow and learn about yourself through solo travel, whether this is truly solo or with a group of friends – do what makes you comfortable to explore the world.

We are here to inspire you and share with you the safest places to start your explorations, whether you are a seasonal traveller or someone just booking your first flight.


Singapore comes up as a top destination to visit for Muslim travellers in the Global Muslim Travel Index 2023. The country is also one of the safest in the world for solo travellers, which makes it a perfect combination for exploring.

This multicultural city-state embraces diversity and religious freedom, making it an inclusive and welcoming place for Muslim travellers. Singapore is home to numerous mosques, halal-certified restaurants, and prayer facilities catering to the needs of Muslim tourists.

The city's efficient public transportation system and well-organized infrastructure make it easy to navigate and explore. Singapore has a vibrant and mixed cultural scene; the population is made of Malay, Chinese, Indian, European and Arab influences, providing a rich background of experiences to discover. From exploring the bustling streets of Little India and Kampong Glam to immersing oneself in the lush greenery of Gardens by the Bay, solo Muslim women travellers will find plenty of attractions to enjoy.

Doha, Qatar

Doha is one of my favourite destinations, and after living in the country for four years, I can definitely vouch for its safety. Never have I felt scared to walk around the city and explore on my own, even during the early hours of the morning around Souq Wakif.

As a Muslim country, Qatar provides a safe and respectful environment for female travellers. Doha boasts a range of attractions, from dazzling skyscrapers and views of the corniche to cultural landmarks like the Museum of Islamic Art, the National Museum, Katara Cultural Village, the old souqs, as well as the very luxurious malls.

The transport infrastructure is getting better. A combination of metro and taxis can make your stay very enjoyable since the city is not as big as other capitals. There is plenty to do in the city, and even explore further away in places such as Al Wakra, or why not take a desert safari tour.

Dubai, UAE

Dubai doesn’t need any introduction, and as a Muslim country, it makes a great destination for solo Muslim travellers. There is so much to do and see not only in Dubai but the other Emirates that you will be short of time!

The country is safe to explore, and they offer women-only taxis as well as a metro with a female-only section.

From awe-inspiring architecture to luxurious resorts, Dubai offers a range of experiences that blend Islamic traditions with modern cosmopolitanism, making it an attractive destination for solo Muslim women travellers. Don’t miss the Burj Khalifa, the beautiful Dubai Marina and La Mer beach, as well as the Palm Dubai.

My favourite areas to stay are the Dubai Marina, JBR, where you can swim with your burkini as well as Downtown Dubai, close to all the action.

Tokyo, Japan

Safety is a key feature of Tokyo, with low crime rates and a well-organized public transportation system, including efficient trains and buses. The government of Japan has started over the last several years to provide a range of facilities for Muslim travellers.

The city offers a growing number of halal food options, with restaurants and markets providing a diverse range of cuisines that cater to Muslim tourists.

Solo Muslim women can confidently explore the city's many attractions, such as the historic Asakusa district, the modern skyscrapers of Shinjuku, and the vibrant shopping areas of Shibuya and Ginza. Travelling during April and May will also see you experience the famous cherry blossom season, which makes for picture-perfect Instagram photos.

London, United Kingdom

London is visited by millions of tourists every year, and it is also a popular destination with Muslims as well.

The city is an ideal destination for solo Muslim women travellers, combining a rich cultural heritage, diversity, and a welcoming atmosphere. With a million Muslims living in London, the British capital offers numerous halal food options, prayer facilities, and mosques.

Public transport is accessible and can navigate tourists exploring the city's diverse cultural scene from Buckingham Palace, the National History Museum, and Camden Market all the way to Greenwich.

For those who live in the country and are apprehensive about exploring further afield solo on their first trip, London provides the opportunity to stretch their wings before going international.

Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal ranked in the top 20 safest countries in the world in 2022. Despite being predominantly Catholic, Lisbon embraces diversity and respects different religions, including Islam. Solo Muslim women travellers will find a growing number of halal food options, mosques, and prayer facilities throughout the city.

Lisbon's compact size and excellent public transportation system make it easy to explore its charming neighbourhoods, historic sites, and vibrant markets. From the iconic Belém Tower to the enchanting Alfama district, there are numerous attractions to explore; you also cannot miss a visit to the Lisbon mosque which has a beautiful architectural design befitting the city.

With several budget airlines flying to the country, it makes a perfect destination to explore on a long weekend.

Bali, Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the countries with the largest Muslim population. It also comes as a top tourist destination for Muslim travellers, with Bali an all-time favourite. Without a doubt, the island deserves its status since it offers a fantastic blend of culture, luxury on a budget, tranquil settings as well as stunning beaches you can swim in a burkini. You can also rent a private villa with a pool for a total hijab-free experience from as little as $100 a night.

Despite being predominantly Hindu, Bali has a growing Muslim population and offers facilities to accommodate Muslim travellers. Muslim-friendly amenities such as halal food options, prayer rooms, and mosques can be found in popular tourist areas.

With its welcoming atmosphere and diverse experiences, Bali is an ideal destination for solo Muslim women seeking adventure, spiritual fulfilment or a peaceful getaway.


One of the most expensive European countries but also one of the safest for solo female travellers, Iceland has so much to offer tourists.

Despite being a predominantly non-Muslim country, Iceland is known for its inclusivity and warm hospitality. There are a couple of halal restaurants as well as a couple of mosques if you want to meet local Muslims. While halal food options may be limited in Iceland, it is still possible to find vegetarian and seafood-based meals.

Iceland's natural wonders are truly extraordinary, with majestic waterfalls, geothermal hot springs such as the Blue Lagoon, and stunning glaciers offering solo Muslim women an amazing adventure. You can explore the island via the well-developed public transport or even rent a car and drive on your own, or you might even want to join a women-only tour of Iceland with female solo travellers.

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is so much more than Makkah and Medinah, but with a combination of exploring the old city and visiting the Holy places for Umrah, you can combine both and enjoy a post-Umrah holiday.

As a former resident of Jeddah, the city has so much to offer female travellers, and it is safe to explore even solo. Jeddah is home to several historical landmarks, such as the iconic King Fahd Fountain and the enchanting Old Town known as Al-Balad. My favourite part of Jeddah is the city's beautiful Corniche, with its stunning waterfront and vibrant atmosphere, which provides a serene space for a long walk and a beautiful sunset. I recommend looking for hotels close to the Corniche.

If you are ever in the city and you find yourself in need of some pampering, I can recommend the beautiful women-only spa, Oriana. It is my go-to place when in the city.

Additionally, Jeddah hosts numerous cultural festivals, and during the month of June, they have the Jeddah Season, a month-long event with several festivals, concerts and activities.

Local transport is not as developed as in other Arab countries, so I would suggest using taxis.


The Maldives is a great solo Muslimah travel destination that not many females consider. This small island nation is a Muslim country, and visiting the local islands is a great way to meet fellow Muslims as well as be in a safe environment.

Yes, luxury resorts can be expensive, but many people miss the opportunity to explore the small local islands where food is halal, the mosque is a two-minute walk, and the whole island is explored in under 30 minutes.

The local island of Maafushi is well developed to cater to tourists with rooms as little as $50 per night during the off-season. You can also take several excursions such as dolphin watching, lunch on a private island or even splurge on a full-day pass to one of the luxury resorts without paying the high fees.

With low crime rates in the country, it provides you with the opportunity to explore paradise on a budget but also feel safe in a Muslim environment.

Travelling solo or even with a group of friends provides Muslim women with the opportunity to explore not only the world but also within themselves. We learn so much about our inner strength through travelling.

I would always recommend keeping in mind standard safety processes such as sharing your itinerary with your family and friends, not going out alone at night in non-tourist places, booking reputable accommodation and being vigilant about your personal items while exploring. But the world is a much safer place than we are led to believe, and you definitely deserve to explore the safe destinations for solo Muslim women that I have suggested above.

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