International Women’s Day 2022 #BreakTheBias

This year’s International Women’s Day raises awareness against bias and celebrates womens' achievements throughout the world. We want to highlight 5 Muslim women breaking barriers in their fields and paving the way for other Muslim women.

Zeina Nassar

The 24-year-old German boxer of Lebanese decent, Zeina Nassar, has reached the pinnacle of boxing in Germany being a six time champion and aims to compete in the 2024 Olympics. However, it is her fighting outside the ring that has enacted a big social impact, making the sport more inclusive for Muslim women. Until just February 2019, the World Boxing Association’s dress code did not allow female athletes to compete in tournaments wearing a hijab, leggings, or long-sleeves. Thanks to Zeina and her coach challenging this stipulation, the doors have been opened for girls who faced the same struggles in this sport.

Ayesha Malik