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By Shameem Shakat-Hussain

The title ‘Nail Polish’ was influenced by my teenage years when I use to paint my nails all different colours. I’m relieved I’ve gone past that phase, I prefer the my nails to be the same shade now. I thought it exemplifies artificial reality well.

This poem talks about the reality we have created online via filters and how we all want to look like each other. The reality is that we are not like others, we were all created as unique individuals. I hope this poem is relatable and allows you reflect on your online reality.


…Colourful, shiny and glittery.

Hues that beautify us all so quickly.

Existing as my peers.

Like looking in the mirrors.

The conforming way, same as you.

Alike and belonging, as you do.

Online or in real, I dare to reveal.

Comfort in uniform I feel.

With the usual filters that make me fake.

How scared I must be to reveal my take.

To show what’s underneath this armour.

No matter where I look, I see the same.

Reflections too familiar and disdain.

I flow into artificial reality.

Without a mark or a footprint…


…I am the one and only.

Created by the Almighty.

With His power, He shaped me to life.

Land of many billions of creatures.

All with their own special features.

Eccentric, distinctive and uniquely formed.

Of varying emulsions and pretty blemishes.

So, who should I be, I ask myself?

‘Be you’ said a voice; but ‘I’m odd’ I say.

‘My colours are random, my shape’s strange.

I am unique and random, wonky at times.

I stand out and speak loudly.

I oppose the norm, and strive to disrupt.

I want to leave a legacy for all.

To remember my special skills and my weird soul’.

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