By Aaliyah Gohir (MWN Hub Content Creator)

The diversity of talented Muslim women in the UK is amazing and definitely needs more acknowledgment! With it being Black History Month, we thought we’d highlight some Black British Muslim women who have founded and are running small businesses; maybe you have heard of some or perhaps you’ll find a new Muslim-women owned business business to support! However, I think it is important to note that celebrating Black Muslim sisters should not be limited to just this month, supporting all Muslim women from different backgrounds and talents should be constant and not just because of an awareness month.

Here are four Black Muslim women owned businesses based in the UK - these were found online this current year in 2023, but inshallah with your support, you will be able to find these business still up and running in the years to come!

Hanan’s Corner
This business was founded by Hanan Abdu, who currently has 124k followers on Instagram - so you might be following her already! If not, I would definitely recommend following her page  as she posts amazing digital art usually relating to Muslim women as well as lifestyle videos. However, it is her talented digital art creations that have allowed her to found her business, which you can find on here on Etsy! She has a range of fun products including tote bags, stickers, iPhone cases, posters, and more! Her Instagram account is @hananscorner to keep updated with her content!

With a quick browse on Instagram I was able to come across this business founded by Mariam Asani. It is a vegan and cruelty free skincare brand that sells a range of body butters, oils and scrubs which you can shop by product or by scent on the website - the scents look lush!!! Mariam Asani created the brand due to her struggle with eczema and dry skin, and when nothing worked she created the solution herself! You can find out more about her motivations behind the business here. You can also find Asani products available at Beauty Bay - we love to see Muslim women owned brands being promoted on mainstream platforms! Give the Asani instagram a follow too (@asanibrand), the page is soooo aesthetically pleasing and definitely looks like the ‘Home of The Unicorn’!!

Chinutay & Co

This business was founded by Manal, but you can find her as @chinutay on Instagram - an Ethiopian Muslim woman who shares lifestyle content on her Instagram account as well as her YouTube account! She is a mum of two, and while you may hear and American accent on social media, as she was born and raised in Toronto, her business is UK-based as she moved to Britain! Chinutay is an ethical modest fashion brand that sells prayer gowns, hijabs and more! The brands vision is to ‘redefine modest fashion and make it accessible to modern women’ - you can read more about the brand on their website here. Be sure to shop there for some gorgeous pieces and keep updated on their Instagram @chinutayco!

Hug My Hair

This is a hair-care brand dedicated to curly or afro hair and was founded by Dalilah Baruti, a Tanzanian-born Muslim woman who grew up in London. You can find Dalilah’s story in more detail on her website here, where she talks about her hair journey in which she used to dream of European hair, but now no longer does! She embraced her natural 4c hair and as a result created her brand ‘Hug My Hair’! Definitely have a read of her story, it is inspiring and shows the natural hair enthusiast who is behind the brand! On the website you can find hair mists, oils, butters, shampoo and more! She also has a book called ‘How to Look After your Natural Hair in Hijab’. Be sure to also follow @hugmyhair on Instagram to keep updated with Dalilah’s business! 

Hope you liked this blog and be sure to support these British Black Muslim women owned businesses!

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