By Aaliyah Gohir 

What is the start of a new year without a wave of motivation to better your life and make new changes. Don’t get me wrong, we shouldn’t delay bettering our lives only until January, it is something we should work on all year round as life is not guaranteed. However, the new year remains a mark for new beginnings and with Allah allowing us to make it to 2024, alhamdulillah, we should make the most of everyday we have this year! Here are three Muslim woman influencers you may want to follow for motivation and inspiration throughout your 2024 journey!

Bahja Abdi

Bahja’s social media presence is dedicated to ‘inspire the girls with big dreams’ as it says in her insta bio! Her Tiktok and Youtube videos are all about mindset, self-improvement and motivation. She also has digital templates and products you can buy for better productivity! And it seems she has a podcast on the way called Dear Bahja for ‘setting the girls up for success in this life and the next’ - go follow her to keep updated if this seems like the content you’re looking for!!!

Instagram: @baahjaaa

Tiktok: @xoxobahja

Youtube: Bahja Abdi

Leana Deeb

Leana is probably someone you’ve heard of already, she has millions of followers and recently did a collab with Gymshark! Her Instagram and Tiktok are particularly motivational with regards to gym and healthy eating, so if you’re a fitness girlie or someone looking to start going to the gym, which can sometimes feel uncomfortable for Muslim women, then give her a follow. Her Tiktok content also inspires productivity through advice and ‘day in the life’ videos!

Instagram: @leanadeebb

Tiktok: @leanadeeb

Zahra Pedersen

Zahra is known as ‘Manifesting Muslimah’ on her Tiktok and Instagram. She is a motivational coach with a particular focus on how to use the law of attraction as a Muslim woman. Her social media platforms feature Islamic well-being and positivity content, and she also sells journals and online courses for Muslim women. More recently, she published called Manifesting Muslimah; A Muslimahs Guide to the Law of Attraction - if you have a reading goal this year, perhaps you could start with this!

Instagram: @manifestingmuslimah

Tiktok: @manifestingmuslimah

There’s nothing stopping you from becoming the next Muslim woman motivational influencer to add to this list! Happy new year, I hope you have a great year inshallah! For more inspiration, you can see last years new year blog here!

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