Why is seeing a Muslim woman in politics such an issue for some men in our communities? Do they have any valid arguments behind their so called "concern"?


  • NazminA


    One word: misogyny! It's not limited to just politics but also other professions but it really is heightened when it comes to female Muslim politicians. What annoys me the most is when they try to misuse Islam to justify their blatant misogyny e.g. by saying a country is doomed if ruled by women, giving the impression that Islam is to blame for their sexism.

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  • Anonymous


    I think there's a lot of status associated with Politics, particularly in South Asian communities. And I reckon that men are just not happy sharing that with women! You see it locally- how Muslim male councillors are treated at events, or if Politicians come over from abroad. It's tougher I think for Muslim women (as opposed to other women) to enter those spaces.

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