I was discussing with someone how they are feeling with having 2 children during lockdown. It is hard work trying to entertain kids at this time (any tips anyone?). I received a comment of "At least you can still go to your job" (I work part time in a hospital) I did not know what to say. Going to hospital, yes I am lucky I still can get out, and still have a job, but on the other side, its a risk. Hospital workers are 3x more likely to get the virus then others. I go to work quite scared and knowingly seeing covid positive patients. Its daunting but its my job. I wish I really could have a choice and choose to stay home - yes even with the kids! How is everyone else feeling about this?


  • Suma


    Hi Aysha! I believe safety comes first. Working in an unsafe environment is not easy at all. I totally agree with you. I am SW at mental health hospital. When the pandemic was announced I requested for PEE, but I was refused saying it doesn't help and there is a shortage anyway. I have a toddler and a 7 years old. I wanted to carry on working but I didn't want to put my children at risk. I was gutted with the response from the hospital. My anxiety got worse. I started having chest pains as I had to work without PEE, but I stopped going to work just for kids safety. I'll have to go back after 4 weeks and the thought of it makes me feel anxious. I hope they have some protective measures now. X

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  • NazminA


    I was feeling sorry for myself just before as I just feel so incredibly tired working my usual hours from home whilst also looking after my child and doing housework - trying to negotiate legal amendments whilst your child has literally climbed onto your shoulders is not fun! I've been getting a tad frustrated by friends who don't seem to realise that they're lucky that they have orhers in the household (partners, relatives etc) to help..... but your message has reminded me that I too am so much more privileged than others as at least I can stay safe at home (even if it is with cornflakes in my hair!), whilst there are keyworkers like you who are literally risking their lives everyday. So thank you for all you do but also thank you for the privilege check and hopefully others like me will also reflect and count our blessings.

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  • Shameem


    Hey Ayisha, I don't think people really appreciate what you do in terms of your job. Yes, you can go out see 'real' people, but you are also placing yourself and potentially your loved ones at risk of getting coronavirus. So, thank you to you and the NHS for all you do for us. Itís just me and the hubby. I have now cleaned everything, vacuumed everywhere. it's a beautiful Easter Bank holiday and the sun is out, so yes, I have also done my laundry. I am getting tired of sitting on front of the TV! What helps me is slowing my pace down, being mindful, being present in the here and now. Mindful colouring is my thing right now. I never thought I would find this so peaceful. I have found a nice spot near the French doors in my lounge and can feel the breeze and the sun on my feet. love it! I wanted to attach some colouring I completed to inspire you but i am unable to!!!! you will just have to use your imagination.

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  • fatema


    firstly, thank you for doing all you're doing as a key worker! You're incredible for doing this despite the risk and the personal sacrifice. I think no situation is easy right now- whether you're at home with kids and not working, at home with kids and working, or going out to work. It ain't a competition!! We all need to support one another x

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