As many of our grandparents and elderly parents are isolating for their own health and safety, do you fear for their mental health and the loneliness they may feel if they are living alone? Not being able to go for walks and get some fresh air, not being able to see the neighbours and not being able to be around family and friends? Some of them don't understand how technology like Facetime and Whatsapp work so how do we get around this and help them, and be with them while still keeping our distance?


  • HaleemaAbbs


    Well what me and my sister have been doing is twice a week we will go to my grandparents house. one of us will sit on the wall of the front garden and they will sit halfway across the garden on some chairs. we will have a cup of tea and have a catch up while the other one wears full PPE and gives the house a clean then we will swap and she will sit and have a cup of tea and chat while I iron and make them some food etc. Then we make sure that they have a shopping list ready for when my uncle and his son come along the day after . uncle will sit on the wall while my cousin puts the shopping away. I suppose its it's easier as they can walk alhamdulillah but for some elders that cant walk talking through the window maybe? if they dont know how to facetime. Maybe teach them?

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  • Noor


    We are lucky to have technology around us to ease this difficulty. As the older generation struggle with the concept, I think it falls on us to enable a communication rota, sharing the contact with other siblings and maybe long distance relatives too . An elderly family member would find some comfort in speaking to various family members throughout their day. It will never replace actual physical contact but it could be the only option under lockdown rules

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