Babies in Yemen starve in the shadow of civil war. Yemens children are crying our for help. Millions are facing famine. They are fighting a civil war, a pandemic, and famine all at the same time, and the world is silent! The conflict began over 5 years ago. Houthi rebels who are backed by Iran, are fighting Yemen's government, that is backed by a coalition led by Saudi Arabia (with the support of the UK, US & France). It all started when the Houthis rebelled against Yemen's government and began to seize their territories. In order to get the Houthis out, Saudis began bombing Yemen and the conflict worsened. This conflict has brought the provision of basic services to the brink of collapse. As well as hospitals being bombed and only half the country's health facilities are fully functioning. People are starving and dying from disease. BBC news reported that COVID - 19 has brought their health system to a complete collapse. The real number of deaths in Yemen are almost impossible to determine. The risk of famine could imperil 22 million people. Sky news reported that Yemen could potentially be wiped off the human globe. It's important that we raise awareness. 


  • GrannyBibi


    May Allah SWT end the suffering of the people of Yemen. Sometimes I wonder, with all this suffering, whether the world is about to come to an end, but I tell myself we must keep faith that Allah SWT will answer our prayers and end all this. In the meantime, we must keep raising our voices against the injustice - because is also what our faith commands us to do.

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  • karimofthecrop


    Thanks for sharing those links for donating- really useful! Allah swt reward you loads!

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  • Alisha


    Once again, thank you for posting about a topic that no one likes to talk about. Like you mentioned in your other post - BAME victims will never get much media attention. I cannot believe that sky news reported that Yemen can be wiped off the human globe and no one is speaking about it. Itís shocking how CELEBRITIES are not raising awareness, it really is all about the trend. Imagine your home country being erased and theres nothing you can do! We truly have the power to change the world if we stop staying silent. Thank you for sharing. I've signed the petition and encouraged others to do so. It's important that we donate to this cause if you can afford to do so. It doesn't matter how much you give every little can really help. Itís encouraged in Islam that we give charity, itís one of the five pillars. This country is in desperate need of our charity. Seeing images and videos of starving children in Yemen has made me realise how lucky and blessed I am. Whats happening there isnít right :í(

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  • Anonymous


    It's such a shame that there is not enough attention over this humanitarian issue and we all know why. But keep talking, keep sharing and keep bringing attention to the crisis in Yemen and putting pressure on those responsible to do something. I've signed and shared the petition and I encourage everyone to do the same.

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