Hi everybody! My name is Veronica Salerno. I am a 23 years old student in Italy and I am about to graduate in Milan. To graduate in Italy we need to make a research project that then we will present in front of a commission. Well, for this project I would like to make a comparative study between London and Milan about the different job-opportunities that are offered to minorities in those two cities, which are very modern and are supposed to be very integrated. Last year I lived in London for a year and since the first days it hit me how much diversity I was observing in every kind of job. In Milan we don't see so many Muslim women working, and if they do work they are often obliged to take off a piece of their identity, the veil. It seemed to me that in this regard London was more progressive and at the forefront. So, this is why I am writing to you: I would like to understand if my impression was correct and your opinions since you are the one actually living these situations. So if it is not a problem I would like you to answer a few questions at this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1q9LdJGgZ9gxn3V6_XEiEuWOmWIzmCeyRXt61OyOXFwk/edit 

Also, if you can, could you please spread this link among your families and people you know? It is important for me to get as many answers as possible so as to have a solid base of research. Please, feel free to answer just to the question you feel more comfortable with. The answers will be totally anonymous and will not be shared but used exclusively for the purpose of my research. Only my professors and I will see them. Also, if you have any books or research paper that you wrote/read on the argument feel free to give me the titles so that I can learn even more. One last thing, if I sounded impolite I apologies in advance because it was not my intention at all. This is an argument that really interests me and I am trying to understand and learn about it. Thank you very much for your cooperation.


  • Shameem


    hey, ive completed the survey good luck ?

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  • NazminA


    I have completed the survey and good luck with your research! I will add though is that Muslim women who wear the veil are very much a minority in the UK and even Muslim women who are not visibly Muslim (who do not wear hijab or niqab or pray during work hours) are still discriminated against. There is a much deeper issue at an institutional level across all sectors which needs to be addressed.

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  • Noor


    Hello Veronica, I've completed the questionnaire. Congratulations on your upcoming graduation!!

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