There has been a wave of controversy over the "Cuties" film that was going to air on Netflix.
Looking at only the preliminary images that Netflix advertised,  I cannot believe what I was seeing!
Young girls wearing crop tops and heels? Apparently 'twerking' was involved...

According to,  Netflix is now facing criminal charges over the film. 
I know in the past there have been other films out there with young girls wearing inappropriate clothing, increased amount of makeup etc. But the pictures just seem absolutely ridiculous and this is just for their promotion of the film.

I was reading some of the comments on the article about how Netflix is facing criminal charges, and I was shocked to read that alot of people had the opinion that this is "just another film where younger girls dress mature", and that this has happened previously- as if this then makes it OK?
And I also feel that using the word "mature" does not reflect how these girls were dressed!  In my eyes this is NOT ok! 



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    To be honest with you, I haven't watched it and I think a lot of people who are being outraged haven't watched it either. But the people who have watched it, they say the outrage is pathetic because the insinuations about the show from the trailer and the poster are very different from what it is actually about. It has nothing to do with the sexualisation of young girls but rather peer pressures, culture clashes and following your dreams. Let's say - most of this outrage is America based and these are the same people who have children beauty pageants where little girls are doing the exact same thing that they think is going on in the show - including in Texas where the lawsuit was filed. It's kind of tiring at this point listening to what Americans want the rest of the world to be upset with them. All I'll say is - don't judge before you watch. The marketing team should be dealt with the but the movie itself is definitely what people are stupidly thinking it is about. The reviews are raving - criticism is coming from those who haven't watched.

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