We all know that the restrictions on wedding guest numbers due to COVID-19 have been so stressful for brides and grooms.
We did not think it would take this long to live how we are living with lockdowns, face masks, closures, restrictions etc.

I read somewhere online that a newly wed couple could not limit there guests from 200-300 to only 15 people. 
There were pictures of the couple in a car parking lot, with there guests in cars and they had food served to them IN their cars! This then meant no one was mixing with different households and everyone was at least 2 Metres apart and therefore met the COVID-19 rules for weddings.

I think it must be so hard for new couples- I think its rather clever!

Has anyone been to a wedding like this? Or a 15 person wedding?

I guess the smaller the wedding the more blessed it would be, but for some of us, our families alone are at least 50-100 people! 



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