Hi Ladies! 
Just a general question to anyone who's reading out there- What did you all want to be when you were younger? What did you all end up becoming?
Are there really any astronauts out there? 



  • Sabahn


    I wanted to become a singer until I realised I actually couldn't sing, plus my mother would never let me lol. Then I got realistic and decided I wanted to be a lawyer...I'm now in the process of doing my LPC and Masters.

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    Hi, I loved acting and Art related subject. Although I haven't made it to Eastenders :) after almost 30 years since I left my school days, I managed to do various theatre performances. I even did a powerful performance on a woman who had murdered her husband for MWN on events they had held. Been on Bollywood shoots etc. Nothing was planned it just kind of happened. Life is interesting and gets better I believe as we mature :). Oh hated being in the kitchen as a young girl but ended up being a Chef too, creating live shows. My own spice blends. My passion is to inspire and empower others through creativity and speaking performing on stage while I also learn and develop.

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  • NazminA


    So this is probably the most boring comment that will be left on this thread... I decided I wanted to be a lawyer when I was 14 years old and Alhamdulillah I became one! But I did also want to be Lady Sherlock Holmes on the side (you know, lawyer-ing by day, solving crime by night) but I am quite a long way away from that.... :D

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