By now I am sure we have all heard the story of the Tesco store in Cardiff that told a woman that she could not by sanitary towels and tampons because it is apparently not an 'essential' item - yet alcohol and pickles apparently are. 

I know that the store has since apologised and the Welsh government has also made clear that period products are indeed essential items so I don't mean to flog a dead horse, but I feel the fact that a decision like this in the first place says a lot about how society views matters affecting women - or in this case not thinking about women at all. 

It shows once again why it's so important to have women in decision making because if you leave it to men, you would be back to being banished to a separate room and locked away until your period is over! 


  • Anonymous


    Who needs tampons when you have pickles to do that job eh - so stupid!

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  • NazminA


    The fact that alcohol was deemed essential and period pads weren't says it all - especially when you think of those at risk of abuse currently petrified of the thought that they would have to go back into lockdown with their abusers and are probably hoping that alcohol is banned to somewhat reduce the risk!

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  • karimofthecrop


    This is totally ridiculous and also highlights how we, as a society, do not have common sense in order to decide whats essential or not. Just because the government state a list of essentials does not mean we need to stick by it black and white. And yes, unbelievable that alcohol was prioritised over tampons! Ridiculous!

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