Borat, he's back. He does highlight the craziness of today's society. I admit, I have watched it and I did find parts of it funny. Other times, not so much.


I know it’s a satirical comedy, to point out the flaws in Western Democracies. There were times where I just did not feel comfortable in watching it. I can see how it would offend some people from Kazakhistan, or how some people just might not appreciate the joke.  


According to an article by Al-Jazeera, prior to the film being released, more than 100,000 people signed an online petition to cancel it. There was hashtag #Wearenotyourjoke going around on twitter. I can totally see why this is the case. We Muslims, know all too well, how it feels to be badly represented by the media. If this was any other country, would this be allowed or accepted the way it has been accepted today?


On the contrary, in 2012, Foreign Minister Yerzhan Kazykhanov had said he was grateful for helping attract tourists to Kazakhstan.


What are your thoughts and opinions? 



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