Does anyone else feel as though Desi/Arab dramas are a big factor when it comes to toxic households? I mean it's always the same story line- poor, helpless girl meets a wealthy, arrogant man and they fall in love but the girl has to take the heat from everyone - not to mention the psychological and sometimes physical abuse being normalised.

I'm not really a fan of these types of shows myself, but after watching a few I can see how negative stereotypes are constantly pushed out and can heavily influence opinions. It's time these shows find a new narrative! They have a lot of power given the fact they're viewed in almost every home. Imagine some positive storylines for once, perhaps that may spark the change we want to see starting from the very bottom, in our own households?


  • Rizwana


    I 100% agree - women from said backgrounds may utilise these dramas as a form of escapism because they relate to the themes and language present. However, the stereotypically patriarchal portrayal of family life and a woman’s role in south Asian/Arab dramas can be very harmful. We definitely do need positive storylines that will break these stereotypes!

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