Salaam! I'm Fatimah, a masters student at Boston University in the US. I'm studying for a Masters of Public Health in Epidemiology and Biostatistics and will be graduating this December inshallah. I have a bachelors in Microbiology and Studio Art, and I work in a children's hospital as a psychiatry care program manager.

I am looking to relocate to England this summer, preferably London area as my friend will be moving with me and her master's program is there. I have been trying to network and apply to different internship opportunities but haven't found much luck (mostly because of COVID). I was wondering if anyone has any opportunities they know of or any advice for me when applying? 

I am interested in working in the realm of public health, my experience and coursework is mainly on mental health, social justice, and infectious disease. I am fluent in Word, Excel, and Adobe Creative programs like Photoshop and Fresco. I also am learning data analysis programs like SAS and R studio and have experience working with data collection and presentation. 

Let me know if you have anything that might be helpful for me to know! I would love the opportunity to move to England this summer and since my masters is remote, I am open to staying longer if needed! 



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