This post is only for those who have an interest in the Royals (lovers/haters)

Having watched the Meghan and Harry interview, and ever since, watching "The Crown" on Netflix, I only just found out what the meaning of "the institution" is and "Lilibet" from the series. 

What does everyone think of the name, considering all the news so far behind everything?

I would usually say I would not actually care, but I'm reading the huge amount of comments on the news headlines and can see there are certainly some passionate people out there for and against it- I know there is more issues to life than what they've chosen to name their child- but really intrigued into what everyone really thinks of it!


  • Anonymous


    I appreciate why they were trying to do in naming their daughter after the Queen - but feel like they only did that to keep the media/press/royalists at bay! I mean who really wants to name their child "lilibet'!!!?

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  • Shai


    Why is everyone interfering with what they have named their daughter - the media are just trying to deliberately cause family tensions. We will now probably see lots of baby girls being named lilibet!

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