Priti Patel intends to make acts of harassment in public such as wolf whistling a crime to protect women and girls. What do you think? Do you agree?


  • Anonymous


    Really a bit of wolf-whistling a crime!! Whatever next??

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    • Butterflies


      Itís not just about wolf whistling itís the whole idea that men can and have this Ďrightí to say and act as their wish. Funnily enough not every woman likes random men wolf-whistling and commenting on their body. It objectifies them. Its uncomfortable. It makes women feel scared to walk down the street. We all have to participate in making our community safe for each other. Most men who would wolf-whistle probably wonít like it if someone did that to their sister or mother. Itís these little thing which manifest into the bigger issue about men and boys mistreating and seeing women and girls as a lesser gender who need Ďprotectingí from men and boys just like them!

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  • Butterflies


    Yes I agree! Iím tired of men feeling itís their right to harass women and to define it as a compliment. I also know that some men never realised their behaviour can be harmful. Doesnít that say a lot about how their view the world from their own self serving point of view. Maybe thatís one thing I would agree with Priti Patel!

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