The pressure on a woman's body frustrates me to my core because regardless of how you look, society will have an opinion. 

Unfortunately, being thin is still a cultural necessity. Recently Adele launched her new album and there's been a lot of buzz with her weight loss. Her album launch has been framed as a glow up - not to take away from Adele's talent (she's fab) but would she spark this much discussion if she hadn't lost weight?



  • Anonymous


    This is so true- we always knew she was beautiful. However, I do have to say, I am seeing lots of comments like "oh shes lost too much weight" which is still toxic in my opinion. The fact we are discussing her weight over her talent shows our societies priorities unfotunatley

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    • Butterflies


      I agree. If you are too thin or too big or too perfect, there will always be silly comments and society/community will NEVER be happy. Then again who cares what they think, we need to enrich ourselves and our girls to have the autonomy to own their bodies and embrace all the wonky bits, the cushiony and boney bits. Thatís what makes us all unique :)

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