I like many others have been shocked by what happened to 6 year old baby boy, Arthur. His pictures resonated with me and I am horrified by how anyone could do this to their child, or any child. It also made me think, how could social services not see any red flags here? This then made me think of the amount of abuse that children are raised with, whether it be emotional or physical and the impact it can have on them as they grow older. Children watching their parents being emotionally abused can reduce their lifespan. In our communities, do we really do enough to help our children thrive in the best conditions? I pray for Arthur and other children in the past like Baby P. 


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    It’s always tragic when we hear about cases of abuse towards children. Unfortunately, social services are overstretched, overworked, which means they become complacent and miss the red flags. Safeguarding children is everyone’s business. Every single professional, family, friend, from the postman to the GP have the responsibility to flag concerns. It may just be that one piece of jigsaw that completes the picture. In this case, it feels like the inadequate response to safeguarding concerns were missed. The community i am from (south Asian) have a ingrained and automatic response system which dictates them to brush it under the carpet. Wilful ignorance and ‘not wanting to get involved’ is no longer an accepted verse. I wish it was different, but there is an element of learnt behaviour, lack of self awareness, self autonomy which is a catalyst in an increase of child abuse, or abuse towards children. I’m pretty sure emotional abuse is not even recognised, ‘it’s a joke, a banter’. The optimist in me says it’s getting better. Yes we see and hear more about such cases, because we now have many platforms to share information, news stories. I suspect child abuse has always been happening, and hidden. But we are speaking up. Our generation is not taking no shit from anyone? We empower so the empowered can speak up. For anyone reading this, it’s never to late, if you see or hear about any form of abuse towards children, please be their voice and speak up, talk to someone, ask questions and be curious. Peace

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