Hi All!

With Ramadan around a month away (Gosh- how quick has that come?) - I still need to do all my fasts! 
I am gutted I didnt make the most of the short winter days but hey ho theres nothing I can do about that now- (I say this every single year!)

How are you all getting on with Ramadan prep? I went to an islamic course on the Prophet Sulayman AS and it really has inspired me to not only read the quran, but to sit and reflect on the verses. I think I will be going into Ramadan with a reflection mind rather than an "only" recitation mind this year. Although even last year - recitation was alot for me to do!

In terms of food prep- I've seen some interesting tips about batch cooking and freezing, including frying onions so that all we have to do is just get them out the freezer and cook! 
I also need to cut down on my caffiene! 
What are some of your spiritual and physical tips for Ramadan? 



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