We have been living in uncertain and depressing times as the whole world shutdown and our lives were put on pause because of COVID-19.

You may still feel like never getting out of bed and ruminating on negative thoughts about how things still may not get better even after Freedom day.

A Retreat  designed for Muslim Sister 18+ to help you focus on You!

You may be feeling very down at times and believe there is no point in putting effort into anything.

The truth is that you can still make an effort to improve your life right now.

Never let your thoughts go unheard, as speaking to like minded people, who are going through the same as you, will help you resonate and understand we are all in this together.

The best thing is you will meet and In Shaa Allah make a friend for life on our retreat which will be a treasure that you will keep for life.

We have a Professional mindset coach and Yoga coach who have many years of experience behind them.

They will teach you how to adjust your way of thinking and how to block certain thoughts that come about.

Our amazing Yoga teacher is able to adjust to a complete beginner or advanced in yoga. You will be taught breathing exercises which you can implement in your day to day life so don't worry what stage you are at in your Yoga.

Always remember that you are stronger than you believe.

You are Important, You matter, You are number ONE,  than In Shaa Allah things will only get better. 
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