Come together to learn & connect around climate justice. What does it mean for you and your community & how we can take action together?!

About this event

We are BRUM COP26 Coalition and we want climate justice for all.

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Building on the success of the Birmingham COP26 march and digital rally, plus some successful local actions taken at the end of 2021, we invite you to our Climate Festival 18-20th February in Northfield.

Here we will deepen our learning on climate justice, learn vital skills around community organising and have facilitated conversations on what effective climate justice work and solidarity looks like.

The festival will allow us to come together to connect, learn and exchange, share food, have some fun, and, most importantly, TAKE ACTION for climate justice.

See full programme below. Please sign up to our various workshops and sessions via the different ticket options.

On the Saturday (19th) there will be an all day session dedicated to COP26 Coalition Local Hubs where we will take stock of the last two years of organising and plan our tactics and actions going forward. Please register on here:

Also on the Saturday, we will put our passion and truth into action with a mini-rally in Price's Square 3.30-4.30pm. Please join us to spread the message on climate justice!

Is it possible to connect without music and food? The Friday night will end with an open mic and on the Saturday evening we will have a “pay what you feel” dinner alongside live music (please register for these).

All venues are wheelchair accessible.

Decolonising our Organising Practices

We are making a conscious effort to decolonise our organising practises. We aim to centre marginalised voices, encouraging contributions and participation from people with disabilities, racially/ethnically marginalised people, migrants, refugees, and people of different faiths. If you would like to discuss how you can engage your community or make a contribution, please send us a message! We would love to have these conversations to make sure climate justice work in Birmingham includes and represents those most affected by climate injustice.

We will also endeavour to offer financial remuneration to such contributors as well as people who are unemployed, on low income, or seeking asylum.

Please send a message:

Supporting Us

Please help us to put on this low-carbon, plastic-free, all-inclusive and family-friendly event by donating to our fundraiser:

Your donations will be spent on organising costs and ensuring that we pay people (especially from marginalised or low income groups) appropriately for their time, creativity, and expertise. Any remaining money will be put towards our larger Summer Climate Festival and further local actions.


Friday 18th

Welcome, Panel Talk & Open Mic - 6-9pm - Methodist Church (please register)

Saturday 19th

Info + Stalls - 9.30am - 7.30pm - Baptist Church

Community Organising for Climate Justice 9.30am - 3pm - Baptist Church (please register)

​​Local Hubs Gathering - 9.30am - 5.30pm - Baptist Church

Register here:

Mini Rally - 3.30 - 4.30pm - Price's Square

Kids Climate Crafts - 9.30am - 3pm - Baptist Church

Arts on the High Street - 10am - 4pm

Food Justice Network - 12 - 3.15pm - Quaker Meeting House (please register)

UKSCN (Student Climate Network) - 4.30 - 6.30pm - Quaker Meeting House (please register)

Sunday 20th

Ella Baker Campaigning 101 Training - 12 - 3pm - Bellfield Primary School (please register)

Friends of the Earth - 10am-2pm - Bellfield Primary School (please register)

Climate Jobs Discussion + Workshop - 1-3pm- Bellfield Primary School (please register)

XR Drumming - 12-1pm - NAF Garden

More Sunday workshops to follow

Climate Justice for ALL!

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BRUM COP26 Coalition

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