By Razia Hadait

Himaya Haven (HH) is an innovative organisation who work with Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities (BAME) and who specialise in supporting families of loved ones who are in custody or prison.

Our mission is to provide a range of services to meet individuals’ and family members’ needs whilst they progress through the criminal justice system by offering holistic support, advice, guidance, information, coping therapies, and access to mainstream services.

Our aim is to speak up on behalf of the silent victims on the outside by offering a variety of services to support families of men and women who have a link with someone in custody or prison. It is to champion their needs and problems by assisting these groups to cope with the anxieties of arrest, sentencing, imprisonment and release; alongside tackling taboo subjects which carry stigma, shame and dishonour.

HH will provide families with information and support to alleviate the challenges they face and remove some of their isolation, with women feeling the greatest impact of our work. We will do this by providing culturally specific support for families from minority communities who are disproportionality impacted by imprisonment.

HH is also running a programme,called“Avoiding the Trap”, where we are going into schools to raise awareness of how to safeguard them from acts of crime and the impact of carrying weapons.

Mentoring sessions are also offered to young people who are at risk of committing offending behaviour or possibly being excluded from education settings.

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Mobile: 07866 496 142

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